The HOLIDAYS are fast approaching and we’ve decided to do something a little different. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to feature some of our favorite authors and find out what they like best about the HOLIDAYS and we’ll also hear all about their latest book projects.

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We’ve “known” Dee DeTarsio for years and have always been delighted when reading her novels. Her romantic comedies and magical realism always surprises and send us straight to a nice fluffy chair, with a cuppa. Her new romantic comedy, GINGER KRINKLES is just the book for Holidays  – and it includes a simply delicious recipe for yummy “ginger krinkles,” which will be tasty with our cuppa.gin boook

‘Tis the season to read jolly!

Award-winning novel–including the award-winning “Ginger Krinkles,” a Christmas Cookie recipe, is perfect for holiday cookie parties and exchanges!

Ginger Krinkles is crossing her fingers that this holiday season will be extra special, for once. She lost her job in San Diego and dreads moving back home to Ennui, Ohio, where she’s convinced she will end up like her mean ol’ grandmother (God rest her soul). Ginger has always been a holiday-hater. But she has a secret. Make that two. If you buy the first one, maybe it will be easier to unwrap the second: either Ginger is an elf, or there really is magic to be found in an old cookie recipe.


We asked Dee some questions about the upcoming Holidays and you might be surprised what we learned.

CR:  So, what is your favorite Holiday?


DD: The day AFTER Halloween! Because then you can embrace the next two months getting ready for the Holidays. I’m also pretty fond on January 2nd.

CR: Favorite present you’ve ever given?

DD: While no one likes the stress of shopping for the perfect gift and especially on deadlines, my favorite presents are the ones that happen organically along the way, little gifts that remind me of a special friend.

CR: Favorite gift you’ve received?

DD: An “eclectic” stars and moon bracelet that my son bought at his first carnival with tickets he had to earn. He was so excited to give it to me.

CR: Favorite Holiday music?

DD: Jewel’s “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” …. and old time classics like, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” to “White Christmas.”

CR: Favorite Holiday meal and/or dessert?

DD: “Ginger Krinkles” which you’ll find the recipe in my new novel, GINGER KRINKLES.  


CR: Message/wishes for 2018?


DD: Happy Holiday and may you enjoy all the “little gifts” that come your way.


Thank you Dee and we all look forward to reading GINGER KRINKLES and baking some of those ginger krinkles. I’m officially OFF of my diet! It’s the Holidays    http://www.deedetarsio.com

We’ll be featuring different authors throughout the weeks leading up to 2018. We’re also giving away fresh new journals to readers to use in 2018! Just tell us your message or wishes for 2018. We’ll announce winners later.


11 thoughts on “*** HOLIDAY WISHES, DEE DeTARSIO, Author & GIVEAWAYS ***

  1. This book sounds so fun! Not sure if contest starting now but I enjoyed your post. My wish for holidays isgood health for family and friends


  2. So fun! I love holiday books and would love to win. Last year holiday themed books helped me get through November and December. I am hoping to do the same this year. Also like to try out the recipes ❤️🍀


  3. Ginger cookies are a family favorite. I must admit that shopping year round works for me, except for the times when I’ve forgotten that I’ve brought something. After that, I started a notebook….duh!!! A family tradition started by my mom is hiding an unwrapped gift and finding it much later in the year!


  4. I make hundreds of Christmas cookies & these Ginger Wrinkles would be a perfect addition! Plus the book sounds wonderful!


  5. Wonderful giveaway. A journal would be a real treasure for me due to my medical issues and my life at this time. A journal is meaningful and important to me. A priority for me is great health since it is important for a quality of life.


  6. This book sounds great! I don’t want to end up like my mean ol’ grandmother, either ha ha ha. I would like 2018 to be a little calming, boring would be good, so we can relax and enjoy retirement. A lot of projects and health issues to get through, looking forward to quiet day – and journaling!


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