Bestselling author, Kate Moretti is back with another strap yourself in and get ready for a great ride novel, THE BLACKBIRD SEASON (Atria). It’ll have you on the edge of your seat reading and eating entirely too much chocolate. Maybe that was just me. But is it really a bad thing?

“Where did they come from? Why did they fall? The question would be asked a thousand times …”

Kirkus Reviews gives THE BLACKBIRD SEASON a starred review and writes its full of “great pacing and true surprises.” I call it a fast-paced mystery about revenge, broken relationships between a wonderful cast of really flawed and damaged characters. The best kind to read about, if you ask me. It’s about a small close-knit town that comes unglued when bad things start happening. Birds fall out of the sky, the really nice teacher may be involved with a student and that student disappears. It also includes enough high school angst, I was literally grateful I never have to go back.

What did I love most about THE BLACKBIRD SEASON? It kept me guessing until the VERY end!



Kate Moretti lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and a dog. She’s worked in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years as a scientist, and has been an avid fiction reader her entire life.

She enjoys traveling and cooking, although with two kids, a day job, and writing, she doesn’t get to do those things as much as she’d like.

Her lifelong dream is to buy an old house with a secret passageway.

You can find out more about Kate on her website or follow her on Twitter @KateMoretti

Thanks to Kate we have one copy of her new thrilling novel, THE BLACKBIRD SEASON to giveaway. Just tells us the most recent twisted book you’ve read that had you keeping the lights on. We’ll announce a winner next week.

Tomorrow we’re giving away J.T. Ellison’s new thriller, LIE TO ME.

Good luck!


36 thoughts on “THE BLACKBIRD SEASON by Kate Moretti & GIVEAWAY

  1. I just started reading In The Woods by Tana French. By the cover and the blurb on the back it should be a bit spooky! Fingers crossed I win The Blackbird Season…It sounds so good!!!

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  2. OMG. Pick me!! LOL

    I’ll tell you. I read a lot of scary books and I’ve never had to leave a light on but In the Darkest Corner had me freaked out and Heart Shaped Box, I didn’t finish this one because I didn’t care for it but what I did read, freaked me out all the same.

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  3. It would have to be Ba Paris The Breakdown. Love all her work. Thank you Cindy for all the work you do here. I love reading everything you post. I’ve been trying so hard to get my hands on Kate Moretti’s The Blackbird Season. I do read and leave reviews on Goodreads and donate all books receive to Hoyt Library. So thank you for this chance.

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  4. I don’t recall a recent read that has me keeping the lights on. I will say that after watching The Shining on television, it does make it difficult for me to fall asleep.

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  5. I haven’t read any really scary books lately. This book is on my TBR list and I like the description of the story and I’m looking forward to reading to reading. I like that it keeps you guessing until the end, sounds like a page turner.

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  6. I haven’t read a twisted book in a while, but I always remember Intensity-Dean Koontz. Would love to read Katie’s newest. Thanks for the chance Cindy.

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  7. Oooohhhh! I’d love the copy of Katie’s The Blackbird Season. The book that totally had me uncomfortable while reading at night was Iain Reid’s “I’m Thinking of Ending Things.” Holy cow was it creepy! I will definitely be reading it again.

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  8. Hanover House by Brenda Novak. Waiting for Hello Agaun to come out soon. Thank you for the chance.


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