“”You know the worst part of growing old?” Rave shook his head and didn’t look up. “Living with regret.”” 

SOMETHING LIKE FAMILY (LakeUnionPublishing) by author Heather Burch is all about how hope and faith can bring a shattered family back together again. Twenty-two year old Rave Wayne was abandoned by his mother when he was a little boy. Now the woman he expected to spend the rest of his life has tossed him to the side of the road, for a guy with money, even though she doesn’t love him. Rave wants nothing more than to connect.

Then by a miracle, he learns he has a grandfather, and he wants to meet Rave. Soon Rave’s in Tennessee and meeting his loving, dear old grandfather, Tuck. He meets a local girl and thinks he just might have a bright future ahead of him. But Rave’s past comes into his present, and it’s not a gift.

His long-lost mother reappears and she thinks she can waltz right in and make everything alright. Rave struggles to work past the emotional hurt and put together the pieces of his broken heart.

Abandonment seems to be a reoccurring theme in the books I’ve been reading recently. It’s something I’ve and many of you have experienced and it’s not something that can easily be fixed in three-hundred plus pages. SOMETHING LIKE FAMILY explores the fragile bonds of family and what exactly is unconditional love. We often read about “the healing power of letting go,” but sometimes it’s not so easy.

I loved SOMETHING LIKE FAMILY. I really felt as if I was in that small Tennessee town, I could see and smell it. Tuck reminded me of my own Pop Pops, who I miss terribly. I can appreciate how Heather gives a soul to her characters and readers can’t help but care. Not every writer has that gift. I can’t wait to read Heather’s next book.


heather burch

Heather Burch has always been drawn to epic tales about love and loss. “If I can make you laugh, cry, feel something deeply, if you want to hug those you love … I’ve done my job.”
Heather is a bestselling author of contemporary fiction. A quote from her novel, One Lavender Ribbon can be seen at the John’s Creek Veteran’s Memorial Walk near Atlanta where her words are required reading for those who enter the memorial park.

Heather lives in Florida where she writes full-time. She loves to hear from readers. Be sure to follow her on Amazon ( and visit her website   where you can sign up for her twice a year newsletter, Heather’s Happenings, filled with fun facts and freebies.


Thanks to Lake Union Publishing, we have one copy of Heather Burch’s new novel, SOMETHING LIKE FAMILY. Just tell us something about your family. We’ll announce a winner next week. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “SOMETHING LIKE FAMILY by Heather Burch & GIVEAWAY

  1. My family are my favorite people. I’m an only child so I always felt particularly close with my cousins. My parents should not have be nominated for sainthood. 😂

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  2. My father was a Methodist minister, we were moved around SouthEast Kansas, my parents were from Michigan. My four older brothers were my best friends until we settled into the new community and made friends our own ages. Even though we have had many conflicts thanks to the in-laws that came into the family and harbored their own sibling issues/conflicts and choose to cause drama with ours as well when the push comes to shove it doesn’t matter how long it has been since we last spoke to each other, or what the last disagreement might have been we come together as a family to get us through.


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