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BookSparks’ Summer Reading Challenge 2017 is winding down, but we still have a few books to tell you about and giveaway before the Fall Reading Challenge 2017 begins!

I was so excited to finally get to read Sarah Domet’s novel, THE GUINEVERES (FlatironBooks). Being a Catholic, I love reading a narrative which includes my faith.

“Their parents gave them away.” 

Not the best way to meet three other girls, who share your name. But in THE GUINEVERES (FlatironBooks), four girls, all named Guinevere, are for various reasons, abandoned at Sisters of the Supreme Adoration. And while each has her own unique sad story, the Guineveres couldn’t be any different. Gwen is all Hollywood glamour and dreams of becoming an actress; Ginny remembers her father painting and wants to be an artiste, just like him; Win’s olive skin and tough bravado doesn’t fool anyone for seeing the scared little girl she really is; and Vere holds on to the saint stories the nuns tell and believes her mother will soon come to take her back.

All four are counting their days until they turn eighteen and can leave, while living under the strict direction of Sister Fran and her (damn) whistle. Daily life is basically the same: rise, eat, pray, learn – rec time is usually watching some boring video such as “Danger and Dignity,” “The Guide to Good Grooming,” or  “The Perils of Pants.”  The girls trust one another and form their own family, the fierce, tough-talking and confident, The Guineveres. But after a failed escape they are punished and assigned to work in the dreaded Sick Ward. When four comatose men arrive, the girls work load doubles, but they see it as an answer to prayer and a possible way to leave.

Sarah Domet’s debut novel explores the wonder and utter terror of growing up. Despite their awful pasts, each girl still silently hopes and believes she can eventually have her own family. Domet creates complex characters we come to know and love. I found the narrative a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings. And while THE GUINEVERES is a beautifully written novel, it left me feeling sad. Sarah Domet has a brilliant career ahead of her.



Sarah Domet’s also the author of 90 Days to Your Novel (Writers Digest Books, 2010). She holds a Ph.D. in literature and creative writing from the University of Cincinnati, where she once served as the associate editor of The Cincinnati Review. Originally from Ohio and still a Midwesterner at heart, she now lives in Savannah, Georgia.


Thanks to BookSparks and Flatiron books, we have one copy of THE GUINEVERES to giveaway. Just tell what you’re doing for the Labor Day weekend. We’ll announce a winner next week.

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27 thoughts on “THE GUINEVERES by Sarah Domet & GIVEAWAY

  1. Oh gosh, I don’t think we have a single BBQ planned so maybe I’ll get to read or crochet – probably unlikely as something will come up. Until then we’ll plan on getting my husband packed for his hunting trip and spending time with the family.

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  2. Unfortunately I have to work 12 overnight shifts that weekend. When done I will be off for 4 1/2 days and that will be the start of my Labor Day Weekend where I will drink coffee read my books and just relax.

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  3. Sorry to be so boring, but I will be at home taking care of my Mom and reading! I hope my family can go back to the beach one day! Hope you are doing well Cindy and that you will have fun on Labor Day for me!!

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  4. Watching hubby seeing what he does with all of days off he will be so happy to have time off. He is taking our pups 1st thing this afternoon to get pedis as the last dr didn;t cut them short enough so again for a nail cut!

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  5. Well, I am recuperating from a serious medical problem in a facility designed to integrate me back into my home. But it’s all good..I’m here still! And I’m reading!

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