It’s often said that we leave the best for last. But BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge 2017 has had the best of the best novels all summer. As we near Labor Day and the end of our visits to the beach and pool, we still have another fabulous seashore novel to share.

A woman ponders the age old question: what could have been?

In Meg Mitchell Moore’s, new novel, THE CAPTAIN’S DAUGHTER (Doubleday), Eliza Barnes returns to the small Maine town she left years ago, because her widowed father has been hurt in a boating accident. She finds much more than she ever expected.

Growing up in Little Harbor, Maine, Eliza Barnes could haul a lobster trap and row a skiff with the best of them. But she always knew she’d leave that life behind, along with her widowed father. Now married, with two kids and permanently part of the country club set in the Massachusetts suburbs, she knows something inside her is missing.

When she learns her father has been hurt and needs her help, Eliza pushes the pause button on her own life to come to his aid. But once she makes it back to Maine she realizes her father’s situation is worse that imagined. Complicating matters further, she comes across her first love and memories of secrets they shared are stirred. Eliza also meets a seventeen-year-old local, whose at the same crossroads Eliza once was years ago. Eliza can’t help but ask herself, what would her life be if she had never left Little Harbor, Maine? It’s a daunting task to honestly explore the life you have, while wondering, no doubt with some romanticism, what could have been.

Much the same way, she drew me in as a reader, who became a fan after reading THE ARRIVALS and SO FAR AWAY, Meg Mitchell Moore has me hanging on every word she writes in THE CAPTAIN’S DAUGHTER. Life isn’t easy and certainly not to be taken lightly, at any stage. The life-changing decisions we make and live with are complicated. While reading THE CAPTAIN’S DAUGHTER, I could feel the undercurrent of emotions and characters wrestling between values and feelings. But guided by Moore’s laser focus and smart prose, I was once again thrilled to have extended my summer Holiday in Maine.



MEG MITCHELL MOORE is the author of the novels The Admissions, The Arrivals, and So Far Away. She worked for several years as a journalist for a variety of publications. She lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts, with her husband and three daughters.


Thanks to BookSparks and Doubleday, we have one copy of THE CAPTAIN’S DAUGHTER to giveaway. What are your plans for Labor Day? We’ll announce a winner next week.

Have a fabulous Monday.

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35 thoughts on “THE CAPTAIN’S DAUGHTER by Meg Mitchell Moore & GIVEAWAY

  1. No special plans for Labor Day other than cleaning up and organizing our home and yard so we are ready for Fall. Hope to fit in some time with friends, too!


  2. My husband and I will have our grandson. I don’t know what we’re doing yet. It depends on the weather. Hopefully, it will be cool enough to take him to the park.

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  3. Nothing planned for most of weekend; just going to watch grandson march in festival parade on Monday morning. First time not working holiday since I retired in March.

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  4. Will be home with my family. Since I take care of my Mom, and she has a lot of health problems, it is difficult to go anywhere. She needs me and I owe her my very life! Thanks so much for this chance!

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  5. I don’t have any big plans this weekend. Just really hoping to relax and actually get some sleep. I’m looking forward to the beautiful weather and hope to get outside.

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  6. I wish I could say going camping or to a BBQ but I can’t I am working overnights all weekend. One of these days I hope to be off overnight weekends so my husband and I can actually enjoy long weekends. Thank you for the chance.

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