** We have a bunch of WINNERS to tell you about today. **



Congratulations to ALL of our winners this week! We have a bunch to tell you about! Thanks again for supporting our blog, THOUGHTS on THIS ‘n THAT!

happinessANGIE Y. wins HAPPINESS: A MEMOIR by author, Heather Harpham.

readymadeBURMA T. win THE READY MADE THIEF by author, Augustus Rose.

snowgirlSUZY M. wins GIRL INN SNOW by author, Danya Kukafka.

emmaSHARON H. wins EMMA IN THE NIGHT by author, Wendy Walker.

almost sisterSUZANNE W. wins THE ALMOST SISTERS by author, Joshilyn Jackson.

seewhatKATRECE N. wins SEE WHAT I HAVE DONE by author, Sarah Schmidt.

leahDEBBIE D. wins IF THE CREEK DON’T RISE by author, Leah Weiss.

dollSarah S. wins THE DOLL HOUSE by author, Kate Hamer.

tmgMARYBETH T. wins TRULY MADLY GUILTY by author, Liane Moriarty.


JILL B. wins LITTLE GRAY DRESS by author, Aimee Brown.

We love, love, love our blog followers. Keep checking back here on wordpress @ http://www.writeoncindy.wordpress.com  or at BluePointPress on Facebook.

Hugs and Kisses, cindy * Have a great week!

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