BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge 2017 continues on with Ann Kidd Taylor’s, THE SHARK CLUB. If you had the opportunity last week to check out Discovery’s, SHARK WEEK, you’ll find THE SHARK CLUB the anti-JAWS book. It’s about love, loss and sharks, but not the kind that’ll keep you out of the water!

On a hot summer day in 1988 on the Gulf of Mexico, two extraordinary things happen to twelve-year-old Maeve Donnelly. First, she is kissed by the boy of her dreams. Then, she’s attacked by a blacktip shark.

Maeve  grows up to be a world-traveling marine biologist studying and swimming with the very animals that once threatened her life. Known among her peers as the “shark whisperer,” Maeve is fearless in the water. On land, it’s a different story. Maeve is obsessed by unresolved wounds and indecisive about the path her life will take. After a particularly successful assignment abroad, Maeve returns to her childhood home, on a the small island off Florida’s coast – the legendarily charming and eccentric Hotel of the Muses, where she was raised by her grandmother.

She’s greeted with disturbing news. An illegal shark-finning plant has moved into town, and hundreds of sharks are dying. But that’s only the tip of her issues! As Maeve fights to protect the fate of the animals so dear to her heart, she learns that her twin brother has betrayed her, turning her dysfunctional childhood relationship with former sweetheart, Daniel into what’s expected to become a bestselling novel. Will she confront her brother and makeup with Daniel? Or will she dive headlong back into her work and open her heart to her colleague, Nicholas who is equally passionate for the ocean?

I just fell in love with the cover of THE SHARK CLUB. The color is identical to so many different beaches you find in Florida. You’ll find yourself longing for a vacation to the Sunshine State or some other sun-kissed Caribbean island, while reading THE SHARK CLUB. Between the descriptions of the beautiful blue waters, swaying palm trees, delightful purple and pink sunsets, and the delish key lime pie, while reading THE SHARK CLUB you’ll find yourself yearning for some cold fruity drink. I suggest a frothy chilled pina colada.



Ann Kidd Taylor is the coauthor of Traveling with Pomegranates, a memoir written with her mother, Sue Monk Kidd. Published by Viking in 2009, it appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the New York Times list, and has been published in several languages.  Sue Monk Kidd, is the award-winning and bestselling author of the novels The Secret Life of Bees, The Mermaid Chair, and The Invention of Wings.

The Shark Club is Ann’s first novel. She lives in southwest Florida with her husband, son, and two dogs.

For more information about Ann’s relationship with sharks and south Florida, check out the following article by Nancy Stetson in FLORIDA WEEKLY.



Thanks to BookSparks and Viking, we have one copy of THE SHARK CLUB to giveaway. Just tell us what comes to your mind, when you think of the word shark! I immediately think of staying out of the water, which is a shame, since the likely hood of getting bit by a shark is miniscule. We’ll announce a winner next week!

Have a great week!

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24 thoughts on “THE SHARK CLUB by Ann Kidd Taylor & GIVEAWAY

  1. The movie Jaws. I was pregnant when it came out and rather hugely so. I jumped up so many times, I was worried that early labor was imminent. I never let it keep me out of the ocean, however. The ocean is my favorite place.

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  2. In reading this review and thinking of sharks, I think of that news story recently where the shark was dragged behind the boat. I found it very upsetting, and I hope charges are pressed.

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  3. I think of danger of course, but I love the ocean & I’m going in so if a shark gets me he’s gonna have a feast!


  4. I have caught many sharks fishing offshore and always released them. I live at the coast and we have had sightings of great white sharks this summer. I respect them and hope I never encounter one.

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  5. My first thought is of the ocean then of Jaws and danger. Nothing will ever change my happy place which is the ocean. Thank you for the chance.

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  6. I think of the movie “Jaws.” I’ve never watched it because I love the beach. I don’t want to ruin that experience! Honestly, jellyfish scare me more!!!

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  7. When I here the world shark I think of the movie Jaws. This movie came out when I was in high school and it made you afraid to go into the water.

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  8. Unfortunately now what comes to mind immediately is Michael Phelps vs A shark. I somehow didn’t hear who won and completely fine with it 😂. I also think of those super cute dog vests with the little shark vests on them. Those make me happy 😊

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    1. FYI: I’m a Discovery Shark Fan — SUPER! The whole Michael Phelps vs the Shark, really was a disappointment. They traveled all over the world putting Michel in a cage, scientists talking about the speed and blah,blah,blah Eventually it was a computer simulation of how fast Michael could swim against a great white. And guess what? He lost! So if he’d been in the water, he would have been a tasty meal. SHARK wins.


  9. The first thought that come to mind when I think about sharks is Hawaii. It is the first place I swam with sharks (black tip reef sharks) when we lived there growing up. Living in Florida we saw sharks all the time. Beautiful animals!


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