CLASS MOM by Laurie Gelman & GIVEAWAYS

classmomIn the spirit of full disclosure, Laurie Hibberd, now Gelman, debut author of CLASS MOM(Henry Holt) and I worked together as television journalists in Miami. I was even at the table when she first met you-know-who-will-not-be-mentioned-here. But who knew it would lead to “happily ever after, and two darling daughters.” Bottom line, this is Laurie’s rodeo. The point of me writing this is to “say,” I didn’t know Laurie was so funny and clever. Of course, I knew she was talented, but writing a novel, and a laugh-out-loud one at that, is something else! I congratulate you my fellow reformed journalist, turned AUTHOR!

CLASS MOM (HenryHolt) by Laurie Gelman has arrived just in time for a new school year. I’m sure moms and some dads, are signing up to be the liaison between teacher and parents. But who ever thought the relationship between a kindergarten teacher and parents could be so cut-throat? CLASS MOM is a smart delightful read for anyone, especially if you’re considering the position. Beware.

Jen Dixon is not your average Kansas City, Kansas mom. She’s toured with rock bands as a groupie and thinks at least one of her two grown-up college-aged daughters, Viv and Laura, may be the product of a hook-up. Much to the relief of her wholesome God-fearing parents, she’s ready to play house. Jen has married Ron, who owns a sporting goods store and she’s ready to be mother to their five year-old son, Max.

But deep in her heart, Jen will always be that acerbic, somewhat cynical, often offending woman, who is definitely an acquired taste. Her best friend, Nina who heads the PTA sees Jen’s personality traits as exactly what is needed in a class mom and talks her into it. Her first email to the parent’s of Miss Ward’s kindergarten class nearly sets off an up-rise.

Miss Ward has also requested that you drop off a photo of your child before the first day of class. … I’m not sure, but I think she plans to use them in some sort of Wiccan Ritual to “cleanse” the classroom.

Her sense of humor is not received well, but she finds camaraderie in an old boyfriend, who also has a child in class. After the first parent-teacher meetings, Jen sends off another email letting the parents know she’s on to them.

Now that the awkwardness of last week’s attempted coup on my class mom fiefdom is behind us (no hard feelings, Asami: I understand your people’s need for “power”, let’s get on to some serious business, like who is bringing the wine.

Asami doesn’t find Jen’s racial slight funny, Shirleen Cobb feels Jen isn’t taking her son Grayton’s food allergies seriously, it’s one problem after another, but readers can tell she loves mixing it up.

Laurie has created some incredibly well-developed characters with distinct personalites. You won’t get anyone mixed up. Her plot is totally relatable, whether in the class or not, CLASS MOM is neverending fun.

Jen barely survive’s being class mom of Max’s kindergarten class, when Nina asks her to stay on and become class mom of his first grade class. What do you think she decides?



Laurie Gelman is a Canadian television personality and entertainment news reporter. She is married to Michael Gelman; they have two children. In 2007 she worked on two Canadian-based talk shows, The Mom Show and Doctor in the House.

Thanks to Laurie, we have two copies of CLASS MOM to giveaway to two lucky winners. Just tell us your most memorable class experience. We’ll announce a winner next week. Good luck.

CLASS MOM will be published August 1st. Be sure to pre-order your copy at your favorite independent bookstore, or on-line.

28 thoughts on “CLASS MOM by Laurie Gelman & GIVEAWAYS

  1. My most memorable class moment was when my 1st grade teacher announced that she was leaving because her husband’s job was transferring him to another State. I cried inconsolably in class for at least two weeks. She was the kindest person I had ever met. She actually kept in touch with me through short letters for awhile.

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  2. I signed up to help with the Christmas party in one of my daughters elementary school classes. The teacher hands me her phone and asks me to call and check on the pizza delivery. When I got through, I put her phone back where she had it. When I got home, the police showed up and said she thought I had stolen her phone. Unbeknownst to us, one of the kids picked it up and took it home.

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  3. In HS Directing class (where we learned how to direct plays), two people used a short play I wrote in Creative Writing class for the end of the year director’s workshop. It was also published in the school’s literary magazine.

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  4. My 4th grade teacher was one of those teachers that hugged and loved on every student in the class. She told us she loved us every day. She had a zest for teaching and everything was always fun. She was truly a gift and that year will always be memorable for me.

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  5. Mine was in my daughter’s kindergarten year! I chaperoned the zoo field trip and our zoo is full of hills. It’s brutal to walk through and if you are out of shape you’re going to be exhausted. I had an overweight kid and he just couldn’t but the rest of our group ran up a hill and I couldn’t leave him or the group, so I had to go up this massively hill with this kid on my back. I thought I was going to die of heart failure!

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  6. When I was in elementary school the teachers were warm, devoted, caring and kind. My 3rd grade teacher was helpful since this was a new school for me and I felt ill at ease but but with her help the transition went smoothly.

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  7. I took our son to his first day of school and I even remember what I was wearing. From there I was heading to work. I met the teacher and she said “is his mother coming?” I looked at her funny and said I’m his mother. She was shocked, she thought I was his sister!!! For real. I just look young. At least I did then.

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    1. Had to be Catholic school, right. I had something similar. I fell down the steps and hit my head. A huge bump was growing but my teacher didn’t call the principal and then mom, before I actually passed out. It could explain a lot.😀

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      1. In today”s schools the teachers are held accountable for so many things. Everything has to be documented. The paper work is unbelievable. I have seen parents come up to school to complain about a scratch that didn’t happen in school! I can only imagine how scared you must have been.xo

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  8. I was a 7th grade teacher at North Myrtle Beach Middle School, and it was my first year as a teacher. I was picking up in the classroom, after school, one afternoon. WhIle I was picking up a science book, it just happened to fall open to the back cover, and there I was in all my glory! A student’s drawing of me labeled and all! The artist had even added a few extras, like some big boobies….they weren’t mine, that’s for sure!! For the rest of the year, I kept trying to decide who had done it! The book was deleted and I was quite certain that I’d found the culprit by the end of the year. Well, I never made it into Playboy Magazine, but I made it into a 7th grade science textbook!!

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  9. Lots of memories but in terms of being a class mom/PTA mom, there was the time I volunteered to help with Field Day for my youngest son’s kindergarten class. Thing is that I have 3 sons, and there was a 10 year school gap between my oldest and youngest and a 7 year gap between the middle one and youngest. Yep, it’d been quite some time since I’d been a Field Day parent in the hot, humid North Carolina weather in June. DON’T EVER SIGN UP FOR THE WIFFLE BALL THROW!! When it’s hot, sign up for the water games. The dad I was paired with and I had to run and get the damn balls every time they missed the target, and the kids missed the target a lot, meaning the balls would sail way over it and roll a good 50 yards away. The dad and I started out being good sports by running and getting the balls ourselves because there was a long line of kids waiting and not that many wiffle balls to go around. Didn’t want them waiting in the hot sun.And I, as an ‘older’ mom didn’t want to accept the fact that I wasn’t in as good of shape as I was during that last field day when my middle son was a second-grader. I was not going to be outdone by those other moms with no spider veins who still got genuinely excited about the school magazine sale. After about an hour, the dad and I admitted to each other we were both about to pass out. When we finally told they kids that THEY had to go retrieve the balls, the line got shorter and shorter because nobody wanted to run. When I finally got in my car, I turned the air conditioner on full blast and thanked God I didn’t have heat stroke, prompting a rescue from EMS.

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  10. I remember when I was in fifth grade & I had just come back to school from being in the hospital with Rheumatic Fever. I went to a catholic school & I was having trouble with a math problem & our teacher was a nun & she was make a big issue about me not being able to solve some problem in front of the class & it really hurt my feelings. I went home told my mother about it & the next day she went to school with me & tore into that nun & then she went to the principal & told her what she thought & needless to say that never happened again. Thanks for this generous giveaway.

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  11. I was very proud of getting good grades starting in 10th grade at high school, after my mediocre grades at my three-year middle school.

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  12. I have been on both sides of the fence, A Class Mom, and a Teacher for over 35 years.(now retired) When I was teaching Kindergarten two of our classes went to the Museum of the Native American In Manhattan. It was really busy that day. They had a Funeral and burial so they sent the children in a different way. There were many schools represented. (I don’t know if that Museum is there) I have never lost a child or parent and would always count. The other teacher was frantic because she was missing a child. It turns out that it was her Class Mom’s child who was with said child eating lunch with children from another school!! Boy, did we age!!

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  13. I remember a project in high school where two friends and I illustrated the book we were reading in class — A Tale of Two Cities — on a big classroom bulletin board. We had this crazy idea that Madame Defarge was somehow directing the action, so we turned the characters into marionettes and we turned her knitting needles into the bars that controlled the strings on them.


  14. I would love to read this! I’m a teacher and definitely have a lot of class memories. One of my memories as a parent was walking into my daughter’s Valentine’s Day party and realizing that when they told us to make a mailbox for Valentine’s, all the MOMS made the mailboxes. My daughter made her own and it showed!


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