A GAME of GHOSTS by John Connolly & GIVEAWAY



BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge 2017 continues with Internationally bestselling author, John Connolly. He returns with another “Superb fusion of noir and the supernatural” (MyBookishWays) in the latest of his thrilling Charlie Parker series, A GAME of GHOSTS (EmilyBestlerBooks).

Personally, I’m one of the very few people on the planet unaware of John Connolly and not a connoisseur of supernatural thrillers, so I’m going to rely on the A GAME of GHOSTS provided by his publisher, Emily Bestler Books/Atria.


It is deep winter and the darkness is unending. A private detective named Jaycob Eklund has vanished and Charlie Parker is assigned to track him down. Parker’s employer, Edgar Ross, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has his own reasons for wanting Eklund found. Eklund is no ordinary investigator—he is obsessively tracking a series of homicides and disappearances, each linked to reports of haunting. Now Parker is drawn into Eklund’s world: a realm in which the monstrous Mother rules a crumbling criminal empire, in which men strike bargains with angels, and in which the innocent and guilty alike are pawns in a game of ghosts…

The games begin anew as retired police detective Charlie Parker, along with fan-favorite sidekicks Angel and Louis, bring their special brand of cynicism and expertise to Connolly’s latest paranormal thriller.

Parker, a private investigator who seems to attract otherworldly baddies, works out of Portland, Maine. An unholy alliance with FBI Agent, Edgar Ross helps pay the bills, though it means he gets to ask few questions about his assignments. When Ross tells him to find missing private eye, Jaycob Eklund, he does bring in his own backup, Angel and Louis, deadly gangsters with mad skills and a longtime devotion to the injury-prone Parker. The three men find themselves embroiled with a deadly (and apparently mostly dead) clan called The Brethren, whose members track down anyone who might oppose them. After killing a man named Mike McKinnon, they go after his widow, May, and their son, Alex. But those are only three names on their list. They have many other targets, and the living Brethren kill without impunity or conscience.

As Parker tries to stay one step ahead of the murderous group, he’s also dealing with the possibility that his former girlfriend, Rachel may limit his time with his daughter, Sam. Charlie Parker’s a tragic hero who’s worked through the loss of his wife and first daughter and survived both mental and physical abuse. But readers who’ve followed the intrepid detective through his many adventures know that, above all, he’s a good man who always tries to do the right thing.

Although it’s best to start at the beginning of the Charlie Parker series, this is the 15th novel, Connolly skillfully weaves in enough back story to engage even first-time readers.



John Connolly was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968 and has, at various points in his life, worked as a journalist, a barman, a local government official, a waiter and a dogsbody at Harrods department store in London. He studied English in Trinity College, Dublin and journalism at Dublin City University, subsequently spending five years working as a freelance journalist for The Irish Times newspaper, to which he continues to contribute. A GAME of GHOSTS is the 15th novel in the Charlie Parker series. Hodder will publish he, a literary novel based on the life of Stan Laurel, next month.

John Connolly is based in Dublin but divides his time between his native city and the United States, where the Charlie Parker mysteries are set.


Thanks to BookSparks and Emily Bestler Books/Atria, we have one copy of A GAME of GHOSTS to giveaway. Just tell us what your favorite supernatural “thing” is – ghosts, vampires, zombies … personally, I’m really not into any. They all freak me out. We’ll announce a winner next week. Good luck!

12 thoughts on “A GAME of GHOSTS by John Connolly & GIVEAWAY

  1. I have never read John Connolly. I do not like vampires and/or zombies. The exception to that is Bram Stoker’s Dracula movie, which I loved. Not sure why. I do believe in ghosts and in general, am not afraid of them.

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  2. I’m from Savannah, GA and there are tons of ghost stories and ghost houses and ghost tours around there. They’ve always fascinated me!

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  3. I didn’t think I was into any of them, either, until my husband got me to watch “The Walking Dead.” I got attached to that until last season when the violence just got so bad it hurt to watch. I’ve also read an interesting book about a ghost, HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY BY Audrey Niffenagger. I haven’t read any John Connolly books, although I do have an old one in a to-read pile.


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