NORTH HAVEN by Sarah Moriarty & GIVEAWAY


In Sarah Moriarty’s novel, NORTH HAVEN (Littlea), the Willoughby family is once again summering at the family cottage on the coast of Maine. But this is the first time it’s just the four siblings. Bob and Scarlet Willoughby have both passed, Scarlet, only six months earlier and the children are trying to come to terms with her absence.

Their beloved summer home is in desperate need of repairs, much like each siblings personal life. Oldest Tom, Gwen, Libby and youngest, Danny have gathered for the Fourth of July weekend, each with their own conflicts they keep secret from one another. The house they love obviously needs a new roof, the chimney is cracked, wallpaper is fading, the ceiling has water stains, even the mattresses stink of moth balls. A stranger leaves a note making a significant offer, but they find themselves at odds trying to keep the house, which is financially impossible, while trying to keep their secrets. They are left vulnerable with childhood memories of their mother comforting them, their father’s stoic distance, but eventually realize they must trust one another.

The book alternates between each siblings point of view and revisits past summers, so we learn of the dysfunction between the parents. I enjoyed NORTH HAVEN. The characters were complex, the plot compelling, but the novel just kind of ended.


Sarah Moriarty, a native of Boston, began her writing career at the age of nine with a poem entitled, “Trees.” After moving to New York City in 2002, Sarah shifted her focus to fiction writing, earning an MFA from the New School. As a writer, freelance editor and teacher, Sarah constantly strives to prove to herself and others that writing is worth the work. It is more than a digital waste basket full of crumpled pages. It is, on the good days, productive, inspiring, challenging and even fun. Find out more about Sarah at

Thanks to Amazon and Little a publisher, we have one copy of NORTH HAVEN to giveaway. Just tell us about the latest family drama novel you’ve read. We’ll announce a winner after The July 4th Holiday.

Good Luck!


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