The undisputed Queen of the Beach Read, Jane Green is out with what’s destined to be this summer’s favorite novel, THE SUNSHINE SISTERS (Berkley). It’d be a safe bet to wage that Ronni Sunshine isn’t going to win any mother-of-the-year awards! She’s been wrapped up in herself and showbiz career, leaving her three daughters on the sidelines, except when needed their entire life. Oldest daughter, Nell has grown up with an iron shell around her, Meredith has craved just a moment of attention from her mother, only to be repeatedly told, she’s too fat, and youngest, Lizzy is spoiled, because she’s just like Ronni and yells back at her. Once they’re old enough to leave home, that’s exactly what they do.

At sixty-five years old, Ronni receives some shocking news that changes her entire world. Estranged from her daughters and knowing the three aren’t close to one another, mostly because of her, Ronni hopes she will be able to right some wrongs.

“I was self-absorbed and selfish and disinterested in my children. By the time they were old enough for me to want to get to know them, none of them were interested. Who can blame them? I would have been the same. But now I have called my daughters home, and I plan on apologizing for the mother I was. I want them with me when I die.”  page 179

Once the Sunshine sisters gather together, old jealousies and petty lies resurface. But then the purpose of their visit begins to focus and love, and the bond they share with their mother and each other brings them together. When hearts are open, forgiveness and reconciliation can heal any wrongs of the past.

Ronni is a flawed character that I don’t like in any way. I think she’s a terrible mother and I’m quite surprised her daughters come home so easily, just because she summons them. She has treated them awful and at some point enough is enough. I’m happy the sisters reconnect. Nothing is more special than having a sister you’re blessed to be closed to. But the bottom line, nothing is better than reading a Jane Green novel down by the shore or at the pool during the summer with a cold flavorful drink!


Jane Green worked for many years as a journalist, with occasional forays into public relations for film, television, and the odd celebrity. The author of five other bestselling novels, including Straight Talking, Jemima J, Mr. Maybe, Bookends, and Babyville, she lives outside New York City with her husband and children.

To connect with Jane, check out her website at

Thanks to Jane and Berkley Books, we have one copy of THE SUNSHINE SISTERS to giveaway. Just tell us which of Jane’s may novels is your favorite. We’ll announce a winner Monday. Have a wonderful week.

35 thoughts on “THE SUNSHINE SISTERS by Jane Green & GIVEAWAY

  1. I’ve only read Falling, and it was fantastic! I have a few of her books, and I’d like to read Summer Secrets. I also met Jane and Emma Straub last year in Morristown, NJ. Such delightful women and very kind.

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  2. Jemima J was the first book of Jane’s I read. It holds a special place in my heart. I adore Jane Green and would so love to win Sunshine Sisters. Thanks Cindy. ps the cover rocks!

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  3. This is a new author for me i thought i had read but went thru all of the goodreads books and none there so i would love to read and review on goodreads and amazon a print copy thank you for the chance!


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