* THE PARTY by Robyn Harding & GIVEAWAY


One invitation. A lifetime of regrets.

The picture perfect, Sanders family plan a sweet sixteen party for their darling daughter, Hannah in Robyn Harding’s novel, THE PARTY (ScoutPress) and everything goes to hell.

Kim and Jeff Sanders decide to hold a sleep-over with pizza, movies and four of  Hannah’s girlfriends, instead of an over-indulgent affair for their daughter, in their fabulous home, in a wealthy San Francisco neighborhood. Mom shops all day for the specified trans fat-free treats, diet colas, veggie platters, Hannah’s favorite purple tulips and a cake that won’t embarrass her daughter, in front of her cool friends. When friends arrive, mom proceeds to lecture them on the rules of the house, including no alcohol, drugs or boys. What could go wrong? How about everything.

Mom and dad wake up the next morning to a completely freaked-out, Hannah standing at the foot of their bed, dripping in blood, telling them they are needed immediately.

Everything changes. The Sanders find the carefully constructed façade of their lives being dismantled right in front of them. Friends become enemies, dark secrets about their marriage are revealed and Hannah might not be such a sweet innocent girl after all.

Robyn Harding has said, she purposely wrote a dark story with unlikable characters making terrible choices. While reading, THE PARTY there were moments I could feel my chest tighten, while these characters chose to make “questionable decisions.” I found myself yelling at the book, “No, no, really?” Perhaps not under the exact circumstances as in the novel, but anyone of us could find ourselves facing similar situations like the ones described in THE PARTY. We’d have to deal with them head on hoping for some kind of a positive resolution. THE PARTY confronts some difficult subjects, teen drinking, bullying, teen suicide and drugs.

Robyn Harding has not only written a novel for women to enjoy at the beach and pool this summer, but THE PARTY can be used as a tool to spark conversation between moms and their tweens and teens.



Robyn’s story:

In addition to THE PARTY, published by Scout Press/Simon & Schuster, I have also written four novels of contemporary women’s fiction (AKA chick-lit), a young adult novel, and a comedic memoir with an environmental focus. My books have been translated into seven languages. I am also the screenwriter and executive producer of the independent film, The Steps which premiered at TIFF and was the closing gala film at the Miami International Film Festival. I live in Vancouver, BC with my husband, two kids, and a seven pound dog with no teeth.

You can connect with Robyn on her website http://www.robynharding.com

Thanks to Robyn and Scout Press (Simon and Schuster) we have one copy of THE PARTY to give away. Just tell us about a situation you were involved in that went terribly wrong. We’ll announce a winner Monday. Good luck.

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12 thoughts on “* THE PARTY by Robyn Harding & GIVEAWAY

  1. Thankfully, I have never been in this situation, however, I do know someone who it happened to and they ended up in jail . This book has a great storyline .

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  2. I’ve been in situations that have gone wrong, but not dangerously so. Some probably could have. This book sounds good and thank you for the chance.

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  3. We have always taught my daughter (15) she could always call us, we will come get her, no questions asked .. until later. A few months back, we got the dreaded text…come get me NOW! She was at a birthday party for a friend…the friends mom caught a girl n boy in various stages of disarray. KICKED OUT ALL THE KIDS TO THE STREET, and locked her door. This was late at night!! She preceded to call my daughter’s friend (who had history with this mom and was not guilty in any way) every name in the book. this is the mom who comments on everyone’s lack of parenting skills. Oh, and her daughter text all the kids and said ‘don’t bring alcohol my parents are checking bags…drink before if you want”. Only found out that part later!!!

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  4. I am in the customer service industry. I pride myself on how I handle things. In this particular situation it went bad from the get go. I think about it to this day. I wish I had diffused the situation from the start. I’d have saved myself a lot of heartache!

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  5. I ran an adult testing center and there were a lot of rules in the testing center. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) how many adults refuse to follow rules. I had to call security on several occasions to remove people from the building.

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  6. The only thing that I can think of is “if only I had made a different decision.” I was driving my husband’s truck to my mom. She needed to borrow it. I went a different way which I hardly ever used. Well, I proceed to end up in a wreck. I totaled his truck. Our daughter was with me and was 5 at the time. Thank God that we were okay. 12 years later, he still reminds me that I wrecked his truck!

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  7. Years ago, I went to pay my crazy alcoholic landlady her rent, and when I got there she was wasted, and mad because her husband had snuck off with his buddy. She went into a psychotic jealous rage, and was convinced he was out cheating on her, so she pulled out a little pistol and told me she was gonna kill herself. I was terrified and way out of my element, but I didn’t want anybody to die, so I spent the next 3 hours begging, pleading, reasoning, and trying to talk her down. I finally got through to her. When her husband finally came home, I was ready to kill him myself, but I got the heck out of there. Let them handle their own crazy!!…. Thanks! Hope to win this book. It sounds so good!

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