CITY MOUSE by Stacey Lender & GIVEAWAY


“Who knew house hunting could be an aphrodisiac? Mamaroneck, Purchase, New Rochelle, Harrison – the more towns and houses we visited, the more energized Aaron’s libido became. Morning sex in the shower and then again on the kitchen floor.” CITY MOUSE

In Stacey Lender’s novel, CITY MOUSE (KaylieJonesBooks), facing the worst fear of every city dweller, being priced out of the metropolitan, Jess and Aaron are forced to leave their urban life for the suburbs. But as it turns out, nothing is as bad as it first appears. They go house hunting and settle on Suffern. Perfect, not a Starbucks in sight. Jessica is determined to make it work for hubby, Aaron and daughters, Phoebe and Madison. Now they have closets, the girls have their own bedrooms, even the driveway is heated, life is magical. And while the grass may look greener, Jessica and Aaron quickly learn the suburbs have their own set of challenges.

Starting with the neighbors. Jessica hasn’t even unpacked the moving boxes or taken a shower when alpha-power-mom, Alyson shows up at her door, with a tin full of warm cookies, ready to get her up to speed on the ‘hood. Jessica quickly falls in with a clique of ‘burb moms, who love to drink, particularly margaritas by the pitcher! Alyson, Tami, Carolann and Ivy always seem to find time to call Jessica up and gather for a round – it’s five o’clock, somewhere. Weekend gatherings are made up of the dads grilling, kiddies swimming in the pool and lots of drinking, gossiping and power parenting. Jessica and Aaron who thought moving from the city might make their lives a bit easier start noticing cracks in all the perfection.

CITY MOUSE is a fun beach read. The characters are what you expect, over the top and predictable, but perfect for the novel. The male characters seem like distractions at times. I was happy with the ending. Without giving it away, I always appreciate it when the main characters get back in touch with their values, after losing their minds a bit.



Stacey Lender grew up in the suburbs of New York City with a god-awful perm and later graduated from Cornell University. She started her career as a roadie and production assistant for Bugs Bunny and Billy Joel, and rose through the ranks from luggage schlepper to marketing executive for entertainment brands including Radio City Music Hall, USA Network, Madison Square Garden, Sesame Street Live, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and One World Observatory at the top of One World Trade Center. Today she lives in Manhattan and Connecticut with her husband and two daughters, and has traveled to all fifty states. CITY MOUSE is Stacey’s first novel. You can check out more on Stacey on her website or twitter @staceylender


Thanks to Kaylie Jones Books, we have one copy of CITY MOUSE to giveaway. Just tell us what book you’re looking forward to reading this Memorial Day weekend or summer. There are so many choices. We’ll announce a winner next Friday.

FYI: CITY MOUSE will be published Tuesday, June 6th, so you have time to pre-order your copy on-line or at your favorite local independent bookstore.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and be sure to check out our giveaways.


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15 thoughts on “CITY MOUSE by Stacey Lender & GIVEAWAY

  1. I managed to finish Practical Magic yesterday, so if I get time to read this weekend, I’ll finish reading The Memory of Lemon by Judith Fertig.

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