Four women experience life-changing experiences in a classic Las Vegas nightclub called the Midnight Room in author, Laura McBride’s new novel, ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT (Touchstone). One falls in love, one gets lucky, one has her heart-broken and another chooses happiness. All of them end up making choices they never could have anticipated.

June Stein leaves the east coast and her boring marriage to marry a guy hoping to make it big in the casino business. The Midnight Room is a huge success after she hires a black singer, but the race tensions of the 50s and 60s find their way out into the desert and make life tough for the Steins.

Honorata is not only a Filipina mail-order bride to a chi-town businessman, she hits the jackpot big on a weekend trip with her hubby out to June’s casino. She puts the cold behind and decides the desert is the place for her.

Engracia, leaves Mexico heartbroken, with her child to start a new life, and finds a job as Honorata’s maid. That might not turn out being a good thing. And Coral is an African-American schoolteacher who has her own questionable past. She buys a house on the same street as  Honorata’s hoping for her life to change for the better. She finds out she has a close connection to the Midnight Room.

Spanning six decades, the interracial women find their lives entwined at The Midnight Room heading toward a future none of them can imagine.

Laura not only creates interesting and complex characters you care about, and want to learn more about, she presents a wonderful early history of the city which would eventually become one of the world’s major tourist attractions. A novel for book clubs, perhaps?


Laura McBride grew up across the street from a river, in a magical house, in a poor and thrilling neighborhood. Now her joys are her children, dear friends, family, a marriage that has lasted thirty years, a teaching career that grounds her in real lives, and the glorious crazy journey of being a published writer.

You can check out more on Laura website http://www.LauraMcBrideAuthor.com

Thanks to Simon and Schuster and Touchstone Books, we have one copy of ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT to giveaway. Just tell us about an experience you’ve had at a casino. We’ll announce a winner Monday. Have a great day.

13 thoughts on “‘ROUND MIDNIGHT by Laura McBride & GIVEAWAY

  1. My first experience at a casino was when I went with 4 girlfriends to Atlantic City. I lost $50 in last than 5 minutes. Somehow that didn’t feel so great for me. One of the girls one alot of money. I just didn’t feel lucky and have been cautious not to gamble too much. I never won at Bingo either! Linda

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  2. I went on a bus trip with co-workers (eons ago in NJ) and we had a wonderful buffet dinner and then moved on. My first time gambling. I played a slot machine and hit for $150.00 and the lights and sounds were going off and I was just giddy! It was great.

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  3. Most of the casinos I have been into are owned and ran by an Indian Tribe. One night, a friend and I went, to the casino, it was around 1 am, and the blackjack dealer invited us over to watch his table. His banter with the players and with us women was enjoyable at best. He loved what he did and it showed. All the workers were very respectable which was a pleasant experience.

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  4. I remember when I was little, my family and I went to Vegas and I saw the Sphinx at the hotel and thought it was the real Sphinx (aka that I was in Egypt).I proceeded to tell all my friends and teachers when I returned from the trip that I had traveled to Egypt. It was a confusing time for all of us. Unfortunately I didn’t get to experience the casinos at the ripe age of six, but I imagine they must have been fun! 🙂

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  5. I went to Las Vegas a couple of times. The one time I went with a friend from work and she didn’t want to leave the casino, it was hard to convince her there was other stuff to do besides gamble.

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