In Julie Cohen’s novel, AFTER THE FALL (St.Martin’sGriffin), Dr. Honor Levinson is an eighty-year-old woman, who takes pride in the fact she lives alone in the house her father purchased decades ago. She’s able to shop, clean and read whenever she wants with no outside help. But one day, Honor misses a step and tumbles down her staircase, breaking a hip, and suffering a concussion. She’s able to call for an ambulance, but her life is about to change dramatically.

AFTER THE FALL is the story of three generations of women. Honor, her widowed daughter in law, Jo and granddaughter, Lydia. Their narratives alternate sharing their intimate secrets and desires. Jo’s a single mom, newly divorced with two more children, Oscar and Iris from her second marriage. It’s her, self-appointed job to do everything for everyone, perfectly. Lydia is best friends with Avril, facing end of the year exams and has a secret she can’t share. Honor reluctantly moves in with her deceased son’s family, making it known she’d rather not be there, but she has no where else to go.

One day, all of Honor, Jo and Lydia’s secrets come out in the open and they turn to each other, hoping second chances do exist.

“Sometimes, hope it too painful to contemplate.” ALL THE BEST PEOPLE


Photo by Rowan Coleman

Julie Cohen studied English Literature at Brown University in Rhode Island and Cambridge University in the UK, and then did an M.Phil. degree by research on fairies in Victorian and Edwardian children’s literature. She became a secondary school English teacher and soon realized she wanted to be a novelist.

Julie lives in Berkshire with her husband, who likes guitars, and son, who likes Minecraft, and their dog, who likes chasing squirrels. Every year she brings a copy of her latest book to the local library, and they put it on the shelf.

She’s proud to be Patron of local literacy charity ABC to Read, who help children in Berkshire primary schools learn to read. For more information on Julie Cohen, check out her website

Thanks to St. Martin’s Griffin, we have one copy of Julie Cohen’s AFTER THE FALL to giveaway. Has your world ever turned upside-down? Perhaps, you’re one of the very, very few who haven’t had this experience. Consider yourself fortunate. But for the rest of us, just leave a comment on how you managed. We’ll announce a winner Monday.


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32 thoughts on “AFTER THE FALL by Julie Cohen & GIVEAWAY

  1. At one point in my life, I lost everything, my job, my house, my self-esteem but through my faith, my family and my friends I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, put my big girl panties on and survived. Learning to appreciate everyone that comes in my life and try to learn from every experience.

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  2. Well, I lost both my parents when I was in my late 20’s, early 30’s. So many days I wish they were still here for advice. I learned to rely on myself and my own confidence. In my mind I hear their words, you just have to do it, keep going, you are strong.

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  3. My world turned upside down the day my mother passed away. My world will forever be changed. I always say it never get easier it’s just different. She was my best friend and champion. I miss her sound advice and love! We recently had some damage from severe weather. A tree had fallen on part of our screened patio. I knew she was there to calm me in the form of a beautiful Cardinal perched on a branch.

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  4. My world changed dramatically in 2012 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then once again with 5 surgeries through the next 5 years and once again with the diagnosis of RA. Life became more difficult but having the strength of character which I was taught to rely on I have endured a great deal but continue to thrive.

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  5. My world has turned upside down in the past and I’ve managed just because I’ve had to for kids, family, etc. I’m in one of those upside down stages right now and haven’t quite figured out how to manage this one yet.

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  6. Would love to read this. We had to have my mom move in with us after she fell and broke her hip and we realized she was also at the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. It’s been quite a big change for us, and there are several emotional and frustrating days as she cannot be left alone so I’m not able to up and go like I used to. I try to escape to my room for a little bit during the day for some quiet time (my mom is hard of hearing also and her TV is usually on very loud!) and to try to catch up on reading. A glass of wine at the end of the day and a big hug from my husband helps me relax!!

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  7. My life was turned upside down when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It was the roughest road I have ever traveled. I had to stay strong for him and tried very hard to stay positive. After he passed away, my life as I knew it was gone forever. I had to navigate and learn to live on my own and I learned how to do for myself things he always did for me. Eight years down this new road and I still have a lot to learn but am determined to stick it out, whatever comes my way.

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  8. I have been through a tragedy in my life. Somehow, I got through it. It takes many years to get over what I have been through. The effects will never go away, but you eventually you realize, that yes, somehow I survived.

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  9. My world turned upside down about 15 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. At the same time the stock market took a nose dive; we had just retired and all of our retirement money was gone, including our son’s college tuition money. My husband fell apart, and I was left to cope with everything, especially the financial implications. So I put on my big girl pants and went back to work so we could keep our house, my son could go to college, and I could nurse my husband back to health. Thankfully it all worked out in the long term : my husband is cancer-free, my son is a self-published author, and I am retired again, hopefully for good this time!

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  10. My physical limitation is a daily struggle, but it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of life. I just adjust. Sure, it’s frustrating at times and scary, but I can’t let my fear win. Love of music, books, and family helps.

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  11. Knowing that once you reach the bottom the only way to go from there is up. I’ve had plenty of bad experiences and downs in life and I’ve made it through them all. Never unscathed but they have always taught me how to be better, who wasn’t helping me and most importantly I’m a work in progress.

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  12. Divorce and the company I worked for going out of business at the same time turned my world upside down. I got through it with the help of my family and friends and my determination to survive.

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  13. Recently diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Having a hard time walking and leaning to depend on my partner for tons of help. He’s the best! Reading and knitting keep me motivated.

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  14. My world has turned upside down so many times that I’ve begun to think that it’s just normal as you get older that there will be tragedies in life. I have been sick for 17 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Psoriatic Arthritis which keep me bedridden a lot. Our son committed suicide 8 years ago, and my husband has peripheral neuropathy. Life is a series of tough things to be lived through. Three things have kept me from sinking: God, my Husband Kevin, and MY BOOKS AND READING! IF I have a good book to concentrate on; then everything around me goes away, and I am somewhere else!

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  15. My parents. I could not have made it without them. They rallied around me, helped with my kids and the cooking and all the day to day things I couldn’t manage at the time. They made the impossible, possible and I am eternally grateful. Most of all, they kept giving me hope and encouragement. They are my everything!

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  16. I can definitely relate to having your world turned upside down. It will never be completely fully turned upright. There will always be a slight tip. After putting myself through college a double major in Biochemistry and Math, I was so proud. I got a job in a hospital research lab also working on furthering my degree when I was in a severe car accident. I had a brain bleed and am now epileptic.


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