In Kathy Cooperman’s novel, CRIMES AGAINST A BOOK CLUB (LakeUnionPublishing), best friends Annie and Sarah need some cash, quickly. Annie’s a brainiac chemist with a Harvard PhD, three kids, and pricey therapy bills for her on the spectrum son, Oscar. Sarah’s a lawyer, who wants nothing more than to have a baby, but can’t, so she’s trying to come up with enough cash for in vitro fertilization treatments. Cha-ching! Annie knows a lot of really rich women in her town of LaJolla. Many of her fellow book club members have more money than they can spend. Sarah has a youthful, gorgeous face that women would die for. Annie creates a “face cream” – Etinav – and together they come up with a get rich scheme to sell the “face cream” for $2,000 a pop. They’ll be rolling in money in no time. The only problem? The “secret ingredient” is … illegal.

You think you know what happens next. Of course, everyone wants Etinav and the “face cream” is a huge success. But as it grows in popularity, eventually, someone finds out that the “secret ingredient” is … cocaine. To save the day ? Someone very unexpected.

I enjoyed the pace of CRIMES AGAINST A BOOK CLUB. The plot was obvious, but Kathy Cooperman creates a completely believable bunch of la-da-da, southern Cal Ladies seeking the “fountain of youth.” I enjoyed the relationship between Annie and Sarah and how they kept one another’s back. There were a few times I got lost trying to figure out who was who. I’d suggest editing out a few characters, or a flow chart at the beginning of the book. May sound like a gimmick, but sometimes a gimmick helps. Those book quotes? Not too sure.In

CRIMES AGAINST A BOOK CLUB is a perfect beach or pool read. And with the warm weather coming, you have the perfect book to pack in your beach bag or tote. I’d couple CRIMES AGAINST A BOOK CLUB with a Cosmo … delish!


Kathy Cooperman spent four years performing improvisational comedy, then decided to do something less fun with her life. After graduating from Yale Law School, she went into criminal law, defending “innocent” (rich) clients. These days, she lives in Del Mar, California, with her husband and four young children. CRIMES AGAINST A BOOK CLUB is her first novel.

Follow her on Twitter @Kathy_Cooperman.


Thanks to Lake Union Publishing, we have one copy of CRIMES AGAINST A BOOK CLUB to giveaway. What have you done to make a quick buck? Sell jewelry on EBay? Have a garage or yard sale? Let us know. We’ll announce a winner Monday.

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