* A TWIST of the KNIFE by Becky Masterman & GIVEAWAY


“We’re all mysteries that can’t be solved.” Former FBI Agent, Brigid Quinn

 In Becky Masterman’s, third Brigid Quinn novel, A TWIST of the KNIFE (Minotaur) the 59-year old former FBI-agent, is supposed to be enjoying her retirement with loving husband Carlo and her pugs out in Tucson, Arizona. She’s spent a whole life based in South Florida trying to save the world, without knowing what it’s like to live in it, and it’s her time to kick back and enjoy a little R&R. But duty calls.

Former partner and BFF, Laura Coleman, who has saved her life a time or two and visa versa, needs help with a case. Just as Brigid learns her 83-year old, dad is in the hospital and her mother needs her. She packs up, sadly leaves Carlo behind and takes a flight to south Florida.

Laura is working to get death row inmate, Marcus Creighton, exonerated. He’s accused of killing his entire family 15-years ago. The bodies of the three children were never found. Laura believes he’s innocent, Brigid not so much, but she’ll do anything that’ll keep her mind off family dysfunctional relationships. The execution date is set and time in winding down.

This was my first Brigid Quinn novel, and I believe it may have helped had I read the first two novels, RAGE AGAINST THE DYING and FEAR THE DARKNESS first. I would have known the characters and landscape. That doesn’t mean you can’t read A TWIST of the KNIFE as a stand alone; it’ll just be a fuller read, if you read the others first. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a mature, feisty, kick-ass heroine. Brigid Quinn is 59, but she’s not ready to be put down. Her body is fit and mind is sharp as an ice pick. While reading, I appreciated how she’s still having problems with her mother. It’s a universal issue for women, we never stop having … stuff with mom, and I say that in love.



BECKY MASTERMAN, who was an acquisitions editor for a press specializing in medical textbooks for forensic examiners and law enforcement, received her M.A. in creative writing from Florida Atlantic University. Her debut thriller, Rage Against the Dying, was a finalist for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel, the CWA Gold Dagger Award for Best Crime Novel of 2013, the ITV Thriller Award, as well as the Macavity, Barry, and Anthony awards. Becky lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband.

We have one copy of A TWIST of the KNIFE to giveaway. Just tell us who your favorite FBI novel character is.

We’ll announce a winner Monday.

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