THE CUTAWAY by Christina Kovac & GIVEAWAY


There’s nothing a person loves more than reading a  novel about his or her profession. Well, then again, maybe that’s just me. I worked in television news for over twenty years and I absolutely loved it – couldn’t get enough. I can honestly say I enjoyed going to work everyday, even when I dreaded it. We were all adrenalin junkies and worked best when all hell was breaking loose. But when I finally hit the wall, enough was enough. I left the newsroom running and haven’t looked back!

That’s why I was so excited when I heard about Christina Kovac’s novel, THE CUTAWAY(37INK/ATRIA). I read her bio and the lady has the chops to be writing about what goes on inside a television newsroom. Her novel had me tearing through the pages and so will you.

“Be careful what your eyes take in. What you see becomes a part of you.”

TV news producer, Virginia Knightly receives a “MISSING” notice on her desk about the disappearance of a beautiful young attorney. Even in the middle of the constant barrage of stories coming her way, she can’t seem to shake the image from her head and suspects this missing lawyer may be at the heart of something far more sinister. Her “news-dar” is on high alert – it just doesn’t add up. The woman has a nearly perfect war-hero husband, prestigious job at a top law firm, but she was last seen getting up from dinner, and leaving her husband alone in a restaurant. What gives?

Sharp, tightly wound, and highly driven, Virginia, or Ginny as her friends call her, dives deep into the underbelly of Washington DC’s, business and political world to investigate what happened to the missing woman. She finds herself caught in a web of corruption that binds the media, police and high-ranking political figures. There comes a point, she doesn’t know who she can trust. Risking her career, possibly her sanity or even her life, Virginia is committed to going where the leads take her.

What I enjoyed most about THE CUTAWAY is the strong, bright character Kovacs creates in Virginia. She’s tough on the job, doesn’t take any crap, but has a soft spot, which makes her human. She also listens to those who work for her and that’s why she’s a true professional and respected. I like the cabal of characters she creates in the newsroom and the cops were ratty like the “The Shield,” except “Detective Hollywood.” Good choice to stay away from “The Wire.” My dad’s retired NYPD. Your dad, Christina?


Christina Kovac is a former broadcast journalist turned novel writer. For seventeen years, she managed newsrooms and produced crime and political stories, beginning her career at Fox Five’s Ten O’clock News, and after that, the ABC affiliate in Washington, DC. Her last nine years in television, she worked at the Washington Bureau of NBC News, which provides news coverage for the Today show, Nightly News, and others

She lives outside of the city with her husband and children. Learn more about Christina.

Thanks to Super PR Guy, David Brown and 37INK/ATRIA, we have one copy of THE CUTAWAY to giveaway. Just tell us what you think of news coverage – television or print. You can be honest. There is no right or wrong answer.

And while Christina’s novel is a dramatic peek inside a television newsroom, there’s always my novel, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED to check out for humor, romance and quirky characters.

Viewer Discretion Advised


24 thoughts on “THE CUTAWAY by Christina Kovac & GIVEAWAY

  1. I used to get up every morning and watch the news. It’s how I started every day. Often, I would watch the news at 11 pm. I read newspapers, which I still miss, I might add. When I lived in NJ, we had good local newspapers. Now? I check news on Yahoo or something and not avidly. Too much disorganization and misinformation. It makes me sad. It is what it is, though.

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  2. I do not believe the news coverage of today is always fair or honest. It always seems one sided. I like fair and unbiased myself. The integrity of the media isn’t what it used to be.

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  3. This novel sounds very exciting, I would enjoy the storyline very much. As far as the news goes, I watch the news first thing in the morning, some stories you can believe, I think most news is trustworthy. Now a days you do wonder if some is False.

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  4. I try to keep up with the current news. I read a certain newspaper that I believe is trustworthy. I read other newspapers online and watch the news on television. If something is reported that I need to know more about, I will do some research. Not all news is fake news. We just need to be careful who the sources are and don’t immediately believe something without reading some more sources. I do want to see a little more positive news.

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  5. Thank you for all the comments so far, but it kind of saddens me to read what you’ve written, so far. I believe the news in many ways is a reflection of our society. We can only cover what is happening. As far as not being truthful, there are people who are irresponsible like in every business, but I have to stick up for people in news by saying it’s a “calling” of sorts. Journalists are usually highly overeducated, overworked and underpaid for the amount of work they do, not to mention the disrespect they have to deal with. It’s just one former journalists opinion. It’s really too easy to dismiss everything as bias. As consumers of news, it’s your responsibility to seek out the truth and read more than one paper, not to rely on one talking heads or the Internet. You have to do YOUR homework in this current environment.


  6. I agree with you, Cindy- it’s your responsibility to research and know what is going on. I have a love/hate relationship with the news lately only because, just like you said again, it’s a reflection of what’s truly going on in our country right now- and many times I want to hide from it to forget that all of this is really happening. This is NOT a good time for our country. The drastic proposed changes, the grandiosity, the incessant tweeting, it all makes me very anxious. But at the same time I HAVE to be informed. So I watch/read.

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  7. I do watch the local and national news because I like to be informed of what is going on in the world. However, I feel the news channels keep showing the same stuff over and over again and analyzing everything to death.

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  8. I like watching the local news but have cut out watching the big network’s morning programs…they seem to cover topics that are either depressing or, to the other extreme, entertainment news..I felt it was a waste of my time to watch.

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  9. I watch news on television only very rarely now. The heavy bias in favor of conservative viewpoints — the television news organizations are big corporations, after all — turns me off. As does the failure of TV news to go in depth on important stories. I read old school — newspapers in print — to get the real story.

    patricia dot mariani dot esq at g mail dot com

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  10. Not sure if i entered. Bit of dejavue! I cancelled cable. I think it’s hard to tell what is real news anymore. I follow Dan Rather on FB. I miss the days when the news was simply reported.

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  11. Sometimes I think the news focuses too much on the story at the expense of what it does to people’s lives, but on the other hand we need to know what is going on in our world, whether it’s all sunshine or not.

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  12. I watch GMA most mornings, which gives a good mix of national news and some fun stuff thrown in. I will occasionally watch local news too. I believe that channels like ABC, NBC, and CBS are pretty fair and balanced.


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