We’re excited to feature our friend and author, Kathleen Kole’s two romantic comedy novels, HOME IS WHERE THE HEARTBURN IS … and TEAPOTS AND TEQUILA SHOTS… Plus a sneak peak at the cover of her upcoming novel, ROMANCE and OTHER NONSENSE and of course, giveaways!

Have you ever had, “one of those days”?  Of course you have. Well, in HOME WHERE THE HEARTBURN IS … Paula Dempsey can totally relate except for the small detail that she’s having one of those months. The prospect of buying their first house has both Paula and hubby, Declan excited. Her plans are to turn their house into a home, including filling it with light, lots of laughter and little ones – that is if they can ever get inside.

What began as a project to update the awful kitchen with something fabulous and user-friendly is behind schedule – way, way behind schedule. And because that’s behind, the Dempsey’s plan to move into the house has turned into a major headache and been pushed back – way, way back.

That wouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact, they’ve given up the lease to their apartment and they have absolutely nowhere to live. Well, they have one option – moving in with Paula’s parents and into the bedroom she grew up in. That’s the absolute last place Paula and Declan want to spend any amount of time, beyond a few hours.

Talk about opposites. Paula is a neat freak, but her mom thrives living in a mess and all Paula can remember is playing clean-up crew growing up. Not only that, her younger sister still lives at home, and her father is pleasantly drifting along. All of that is fine from a distance, but Paula can’t imagine moving back into that disaster with her hubby and her marriage surviving. Will they be able to form a united front until they can move into their new home. Paula and Declan may just want to forget about shacking up with her parents, pitch a tent, hunker down and wait for the all clear.

If sixty is the new fifty and fifty the new forty, it explains why Ginny Hughes’ life has gone from predictable to freewheeling. In TEAPOTS AND TEQUILA SHOTS, instead of just playing it safe with gardening and grandchildren, she’s daring to slip on her LBD, sling-backs and discover what life still has to offer. In other words, “sowing her oats.” Ginny’s ready to move out of her comfort zone – way out! “Honey, I’m older, but not dead.”

Grab a teacup, or a shot glass, fill it up with whatever strikes your fancy, and join Ginny as she pushes past the notions of what it means to be a woman “of a certain age.”


Kathleen’s novels are all about girls having fun and finding the humor in the everyday! Once you start reading you can’t resist becoming BFFs with her heroines.

Kathleen Kole started telling stories in grade school. She’s the author of five novels, including  TEAPOTS AND TEQUILA SHOTS and HOME IS WHERE THE HEARTBURN IS …

When not writing, she spends time in her backyard with her beloved husband, adored son and silly dog. You can connect with Kathleen on Facebook, her website and on twitter @kathleenkole.

Thanks to Kathleen we have a copy of both TEAPOTS AND TEQUILA SHOTS and HOME IS WHERE THE HEARTBURN IS … Just tell us about “one of your days.” We’ll announce TWO winners Monday.

Here’s the cover of Kathleen’s new novel, ROMANCE and OTHER NONSENSE, which is coming out later this year.



  1. I’ve been having “one of those days” quite a lot recently. With taking care of my mom who is now living with us, there are those days when I really want to put some tequila in my teapot!! LOL Although, I’m more of a wine person! I’m kind of a neat freak, too, but I haven’t been able to organize some of my rooms like I used to do. Papers need to be filed or shredded, closets need to be organized and cleared out. I’m freaking out here!! Ha!! These sound like some very fun reads. Would love a fun “escape.” Thank you for the chance!!

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  2. I have this type of day frequently after being diagnosed with RA. Being able to accomplish a small amount of the tasks which I would have been able to in my other life now is impossible, but I still am hopeful that my life will bounce back to a better and stronger me soon.

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  3. I love my life but I do have “one of those days” from time to time. When my girl was just a few months old we found out we were pregnant with a little surprise baby. They were born one year apart and having 2 kids under 3 created many of those days when mama needed a nap and a drink and a hug and time away.

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  4. Days like this are common for me since I have been enduring a great deal of medical problems for the past few years. I walk in order to overcome the depressing thoughts.

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  5. When days that are difficult to confront take place which I prefer never to happen, which is impossible, I invent a new life for myself and I either workout, call someone to commiserate and then feel better.

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  6. I am a single working mother of 2 children and a part-time care giver for my mother, who has MS, plus 3 dogs. It is a crazy house every day – and some days it seems that the day will never end lol Having a type a personality allows my family to not be so helpful as I typically go behind them and redo everything they may have ‘helped’ with. ❤

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  7. I had one of those days earlier this week. Hubby has a lot of medical stuff going on. After having one done this week went to straighten out a medical paperwork issue. While we were waiting for a rather long time in the lobby, saw on my cell someone was calling my home. Was the nurse “behind the door” calling about the issue. Never could get her to come out to discuss face to face. Then went to pick up meds for hubby to replace those that had been prescribed with incorrect dosage. After waiting in line for an hour the smiling man at the counter said, ” Oh, the doctor wrote a new prescription so those at are the other pharmacy, I’ll activate it. By the way, there’s an hour to an hour and a half wait over there.” Fortunately there is a Five Guys near the hospital so we could have some nice, unhealthy food while in between pickups.


  8. My family and I are visiting my parents out of the city this weekend. I was so busy packing everyone else, that this morning I realized I forgot to pack myself socks and underwear!! UGh!

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