long-febHappy February, readers! We have two special new novels from Lake Union Publishing to tell you about today … and there are two giveaways.


“A Heartwarming story of the magic of forgiveness.”

In bestselling author, Heather Burch’s new novel, IN THE LIGHT of the GARDEN (Lake Union Publishing), thirty-one year old, Charity Baxter inherits her grandparents’ island estate, on the west coast of Florida. Raised by a self-absorbed single mother, her only memories of a loving home are the summers she spent with Gramps and Grandma. The death of her beloved grandmother pierces her heart, causing Charity to stop believing in the magical healing power of the weeping willow tree she fondly remembers from her childhood.

Charity returns to Gaslamp Island full of sadness and regret, until she befriends her neighbor, Dalton Reynolds. With the arrival of a great-uncle, and Dalton’s friendship, she begins to reconsider what makes a family. When her estranged mother shows up out-of-the-blue, Charity is challenged to reach into her heart and find forgiveness. But to do that will require more than a little magic.

Heather is a bestselling author of contemporary fiction.She lives in Florida where she writes full-time. She loves to hear from readers. Be sure to follow her on Amazon ( and visit her website at where you can sign up for her twice a year newsletter, Heather’s Happenings, filled with fun facts and freebies. Heather is also on Facebook and twitter @HeatherBurch


“A humorous look at the magic of love, family and marriage.”

In authors Elizabeth LaBan and Melissa DePino’s new novel, PRETTY LITTLE WORLD (Lake Union Publishing), three neighboring families in Philadelphia have become the best of friends. They can’t imagine life without one another, until one family outgrows their tiny row house. Then they all come up with a crazy idea. What if they tear down the walls between their homes and live together under one roof? They decide to give it a try.

Celia and Mark now have all the space they need, but is this really what Celia’s increasingly distant husband wants? Stephanie loves the idea of one big, happy family, but has she really thought it through? How will she and her husband Chris get along? Hope has always wanted a larger family with Leo, but will caring for all the children really satisfy her maternal needs?

Behind closed doors, they try to hold on to the closeness they treasure, but when boundaries are blurred, they are forced to question their choices –  and understand what truly makes a family.


Elizabeth LaBan is the author of The Tragedy Paper, which has been translated into eleven languages, and The Grandparents Handbook, which has been translated into seven languages. She lives in Philadelphia with her restaurant-critic husband and two children. You can connect with Elizabeth on Facebook, her website http://www.ElizabethLaBan or on twitter @elizabethlaban


Melissa DePino is a former high school English teacher and founding partner, principal, and editorial director of Leapfrog Group, a branding and marketing firm for nonprofits. She grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and earned degrees at both Villanova and Temple Universities. She lives in Center City, Philadelphia, with her two sons. Pretty Little World is her first novel. You can check her out on twitter @missydepino

Thanks to Lake Union Publishing and PR Goddess, Dennelle, we have a copy of both IN THE LIGHT of the GARDEN and PRETTY LITTLE WORLD. Just tell us what family means to you.We’ll announce winners Monday. Good luck and happy February!



  1. I will always put family first. My children are grown and I have hordes of grandchildren, but I still worry about all of them every day.

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  2. I love how the idea of family has changed and become fluid … 2 parents w/ or w/out kids, same sex parents and kids, single parents, grandparents taking in their grandchildren, friends together … It’s all about loving and being loved.


  3. I grew up in a large family and as my mother ages (she is 92) we are all working together to make her life more comfortable. It’s great to know that after living in different states for years. we can all work together on the same goal.

    My family at home is made up of my husband, son, daughter in law and grandson. They all mean the world to me and I couldn’t imagine life without them,

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  4. Family is one of the most important things in my life. Especially, my two grandsons. There is nothing better than the love of family. When my grandsons come to visit the first thing they do is give me a hug. I love making memories with them like going to the beach every year, making Christmas ornaments, baking, gardening, and picking berries. Hopefully they will remember these things and do them with their children. Passing traditions down is something that is one of the best things about a family.

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  5. The family I made, husband of 27 years and two grown sons who remain close to us, means I broke the circle. I came from an abusive childhood with alcoholism and a mom married and divorced 3 times. My kids won’t have those scars which I battled through.

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  6. I have no family near me so I value my family so much more than if they lived close. I know I don’t get to see them much so I appreciate every minute I do get with them.

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  7. My family is everything to me. My grandmother will be 91 this month. I’m so blessed to have her in my life for 50 years. My mom raised me as a single parent. She is the best friend I could ever want! My sweet daughter is 17. Being a mom is all I ever wanted. I’m so blessed to have her as mine.


  8. Family to me means someone will always be there for you. Even if you don’t talk to them for awhile, if you need them, they are there.


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