BookSparks’ Reading Challenge 2016 (#FRC2016) continues into 2017 with Kimberly Belle’s novel, THE MARRIAGE LIE (MIRABooks). On the day after Iris and Will’s seventh wedding anniversary, they’re ready to start trying for a baby … But not so fast.

Tragedy strikes when Will is supposedly killed in a plane crash on his way to a cybersecurity conference in Orlando, Florida. But his name isn’t listed on the manifest, instead its found on the passenger manifest of a plane bound for Seattle. Iris immediately starts searching through his files trying to figure out what Will was actually doing? There she finds a new will and a 2.5-million in life insurance policies he recently bought.

At the memorial service, Iris is approached by a man named Corban, claiming to be a friend of Will’s from the gym. She’s never heard of him, but he seems to know a lot about Iris. He tells her Will was on his way to accept a job in Seattle, and wanted to surprise her, but when she contacts the company, she’s told they’ve never heard of Will.

As the lies continue to mount, Iris becomes a woman with a mission and nothing is going to stop her from finding out the truth. She learns he grew up in Seattle, not Memphis as he told her. She travels there and learns Will isn’t fondly remembered. They describe a Will, Iris never knew. In fact the more she digs, she learns her husband of seven years may have been a monster.

As the plots manifest in THE MARRIAGE LIE, readers enter a world of suspense, mystery and danger. Kimberly Belle creates layers of lies and deception, that keep readers wanting to know, exactly what is going on. Iris holds out hope that it’s all some kind of misunderstanding, but eventually must face the truth, or it just might kill her.

THE MARRIAGE LIE got my heart pumping and flipping pages to find out what happens next. But readers, pay attention. Kimberly Belle creates a complex web and a thrilling novel that could trip you up, if you’re not following closely.


Kimberly grew up in Eastern Tennessee, in a small town nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The summer after high school, she went to Atlanta to attend Agnes Scott College. There she met the man who would become her husband, known as “The Dutchman,” who whisked her off to the Netherlands which became her new home.

Ten years ago, the “Dutchman” and Kimberly moved back to Atlanta where they live with their two children. And of course, wherever she goes, her laptop follows.

You can check Kimberly out on Facebook, her website,   or at twitter @ KimberlySBelle


Thanks to BookSparks, we have one copy of THE MARRIAGE LIE to giveaway. Just tell us what the worst lie you were ever told. We’ll announce a winner next Monday, the 23rd. 

USA only, please.

24 thoughts on “THE MARRIAGE LIE by Kimberly Belle & GIVEAWAY

  1. I don’t recall any big lies I’ve told. In my senior year of high school I was bored in study hall, so I asked my Choir teacher for a few library passes. After I ran out I decided to sign his name on a bunch more. I got called to the assistant principal’s office. I had never been in trouble, so I got off with a warning. I REALLY want to read The Marriage Lie. Thanks for the chance!

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  2. It’s the typical one from a sibling – my brother told me I was adopted when I was 5 (and many other times later!), and I believed him for a while. Being adopted is a wonderful, loving thing, so not sure why he and other siblings pick that as something to tease with! 🙂

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  3. I think the worst lie I was ever told was the one I told myself when I was younger. That was that I didn’t deserve better. I stayed in a marriage far longer than I should have. I really want to read this book, thank you for the chance! 🙂

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  4. Hmmm…..the worst lie I’ve ever been told is that motherhood is easy! I have a baby, a toddler, and an 8 yr old and some days I feel like I’m drowning in this parenting business! Books are my escape- some people stress eat? I stress read! Which explains why I am zooming through books like it’s my job 😉

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  5. I don’t know if I have been told any major lies other than those that were not told to me such as a child trying a drug. I found out through another source. I was really disappointed with said child. I know kids will lie to avoid getting into trouble. I have been told a few fibs, but nothing earth-shattering.

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  6. It was more of a belief that my friends and I of the 1970’s always thought was true, which was: ” When you find your one true soul mate, and get married, life will be great!”

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  7. It’s not the worst, by a long shot….but the one the affected me the most, for the longest. I had a Collie dog and one day he was just “gone”. My parents told us he had run away. (This was the same dog that would not let me out of the yaed when I had tried to run away.) I was devastated that he didn’t love me enough to stay.
    Several years later, while talking to Mrs. Edwards (she had been my first grade teacher) I found out that he had been run over. I could have dealt with the truth much better than the lie.
    I made a point of telling my own children the truth, even when it wasn’t easy.

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  8. I want this book so bad! 😋 The worst lie I was ever told was by an EX babysitter who as it turns out was sleeping with MY boyfriend while i was at work (i was divorced at the time.) Still stuns me to think of that. 😑

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