** ROMANCE GIVEAWAYS ** Heather Graham ** Lori Foster ** Brenda Jackson ** ROMANCE GIVEAWAYS **

HAPPY 2017! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!hearts_062

We’re giving away a HARLEQUIN INTRIQUE gift pack of THREE of your favorite authors’ new novels – LORI FOSTER, BRENDA JACKSON & HEATHER GRAHAM! These sizzling novels are being published this month and you have a chance to get them in your hands now and meet some of your newest favorite bad boys!


HARLEQUIN INTRIQUE publishes the first in HEATHER GRAHAM’S, new Highland Grooms Series, LAW AND DISORDER, January 17th, which takes place in the Florida Everglades. “Trust the enemy.” Desperate to escape her kidnapper, Kody Cameron can only turn to one man – and he’s holding a gun.



Bodyguards are hot in LORI FOSTER’S, new Body Armor Series. UNDER PRESSURE kicks off a new trilogy January 24th with three new men for you to feast your imaginations on. “Leese Phelphs can protect anything except his heart.” He opens the Armored Security Agency and soon meets beautiful Catalina Nicholson who needs protection.



BRENDA JACKSON introduces hunky bodyguards in the first of her new series, The Protectors, January 31st. In FORGED IN DESIRE, Lamar “Striker” Jennings is hired to protect Margo Connelly from an underworld crime boss. But soon their hot passion has them on the run.


2hearts All of these novels are sizzling hot and delicious! Everything you’d expect from HARLEQUIN INTRIGUE and their hugely popular authors, Heather Graham, Lori Foster and Brenda Jackson.

Just tell us what you’re looking forward to New Years 2017! We’ll announce a winner next Monday, January 9th. Have a safe and blessed New Year. xxx


USA only, please

13 thoughts on “** ROMANCE GIVEAWAYS ** Heather Graham ** Lori Foster ** Brenda Jackson ** ROMANCE GIVEAWAYS **

  1. I’m looking forward to slowing down this year. I feel like I’m constantly trying to pack as much into a day as I possibly can, but this year I want to do less, and enjoy it more.

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  2. I’m looking forward to a little more order and a little less rush. The first half of 2016 was pretty hectic and I spent the second half catching up. Looking to stop and smell the roses and enjoy some feel good books this year.

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