* UNEXPECTED LOVE by Kristy Kryzczak *



Inez and Jason, make a lovely couple, but add Jimmy to the mix and we’ve got an uncomfortable situation in Kristy Kryszczak’s, debut novel, UNEXPECTED LOVE (GirlFridayProductions). It’s BookSpark’s latest novel in their Fall Reading Challenge 2016.

Inez Champlain is a professional girl in her 30’s, working as a free-lance beauty writer in Manhattan. She and her BFF, Sam have the world on a string as they navigate the bars and single life as only young, attractive and unattached ladies can! Being a writer, Inez spends a lot of time holed up in a diner called Ruby’s, named after the owner Ruby who has seen it all, plus some. Ruby fills in as Inez’s pseudo mom in the big city! Inez has also become friendly with Archie, a homeless guy she regularly brings coffee and food to when she walks past his space. There is no boyfriend in her life, nor does she see one on the horizon – until -Jason Parkson! MR. PERFECT & THEY FALL IN LOVE!

At the party to introduce Inez to the family, Jason’s brother, Jimmy is there. It so happens, Inez and Jimmy have met before and things are about to get very complicated.

Kristy has fun with her characters and writes a fast-paced chick-lit novel that would be perfect reading, served with a chilled glass of pinot noir.


A former actor and beauty publicist in New York City, Kristy Kryszczak relocated to Naples, Florida, to enjoy all that the Gulf Coast has to offer. When she isn’t creating captivating fictional love triangles, Kristy is busy working as a director of special events and communications. She also blogs about her adventures living on Florida’s Paradise Coast, the writing life, marathon training, and aspiring to live with gumption. She is a dog mom to her cockapooMaisy Mae, and enjoys cooking and hosting get-togethers for family and friends.

You can follow Kristy on Facebook or check out her website   http://www.kristykryszczak.com

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