SIZE MATTERS by Cathryn Novak


In SIZE MATTERS (She Writes Press), Cathryn Novak’s debut novel, the thing that matters most is that her book at one-hundred and thirty-four pages leaves you wishing for more. It’s like being served your favorite dessert and having one bite of the cake put before you, instead of a whole slice.

John Frederick is an isolated, sweet, sympathetic character who lives to eat. Lexie is a warm, caring, insecure girl just graduated from culinary school, looking to be hired by someone who truly appreciates her cooking. She’s hired to be John Frederick’s personal chef after a parade of others have been fired. They develop a relationship based on food, musical theatre, freshly brewed exotic tea and sharing their vulnerabilities.

Gastronomic references are sprinkled throughout the narrative – Lexie’s eyes are the color of “blueberry sorbet mixed with cream,” and a dashed hope is a “soufflé that has collapsed.” Novak obviously likes and is protective of her characters, poking gentle fun at their childlike qualities.

SIZE MATTERS is about what happens to a person when their life changes and their routine is thrown for a loop. It’s a difficult experience and people either adjust, or turn into themselves shutting the world out. There were occasions while reading SIZE MATTERS, I  felt I was reading a magical children’s book. It’s delightful in its simplicity and heartfelt feelings.

Again, I wish SIZE MATTERS was longer; at one-hundred and thirty-four pages, it’s certainly the appetizer and not the meal. That’s probably one of the best compliments you can give an author, wanting more!


Cathryn Novak has had a love affair with words that began as soon as she could read. After graduating with a degree in Communications and Public Policy from U.C. Berkeley, Cathryn did a stint in advertising before devoting the rest of her professional career to public service. During that period she wore many hats including speech writer, policy analyst, and investigative report writer. Her monograph on the Los Angeles Police Commission, The Years of Controversy, was published by the Police Foundation in Washington, D.C. Now retired, Cathryn has returned to her first love, the world of fiction. SIZE MATTERS is her first novel.

You can connect with Cathryn on Facebook or Twitter @CathrynNovackAuthor


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