Just in time for the upcoming Holidays – love is in the air! Change is underway at the Otter House clinic when a new vet moves in. The ninth installment of bestselling author, Cathy Woodman’s, Talyton St. George series, ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE (Pegasus Books) introduces two country vets who find themselves dealing with feral cats, escaped snakes, and a blossoming friendship. Motorbike-riding, leather-clad, Ross looks like a bad boy, but underneath the leather, he’s a good-looking charmer, and he soon wins over the hearts of everyone in the village.

Even vet nurse Shannon warms up to him. So when she finds herself in a jam and in need of a place to live, it makes sense she moves in with Ross – just as friends, of course. As they continue to deal with the trials and tribulations of escaped snakes and feral cats, their friendship deepens, until they can’t deny their feelings for each other any longer.

But when a terrible accident leaves Shannon’s life in upheaval, it changes their relationship forever. How is she ever going to know whether Ross is staying with her out of love or out of pity?


Cathy Woodman was a small animal vet before turning to writing fiction. She won the Harry Bowling First Novel Award in 2002. Springtime at Cherry Tree Cottage is set in the fictional market town of Talyton St George in East Devonshire, where Cathy lived as a child. She is the author of Follow Me Home and City Girl, Country Vet. Cathy lives with two cats, three mad Border Terriers, and two ponies in England.

For more information about CATHY, check out her website or twitter  @cathywoodman

Thanks to Pegasus Books for providing a copy of ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE for an honest review. We have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us about a special pet that you have or had. We’ll announce a winner next Monday, November 14th.

Have a wonderful day!

12 thoughts on “ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE by Cathy Woodman & GIVEAWAY

  1. Doozey is a striped black and brown with white front female cat and recently turned 14 years old. She was my eldest’s cat but since she has remained here since my daughter went to college, I’m the cat’s go-to person. She pretty much follows me everywhere and as soon as I sit down, she’s on my lap. It took 5 years before she would let my husband hold her or to sit on his lap.

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  2. My favorite pet is my cat Pewter who came from a shelter. When I went to adopt, almost all the cats came to me wanting pets and to be held. Pewter, a perfect tuxedo pattern cat, sat on the window ledge and observed. When I asked to hold him, it was an instant feeling he was the cat for me and he’s still with me 14 years now.

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  3. Harley girl is the best dog ever! She is a rescue and has overcome a horrible start to life. She is so well behaved and loves me unconditionally!

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  4. My dog, Bogie, who I rescued is fearless, smart, energetic and sensitive. He is a real companion with feelings and I call him The Sage.

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  5. My favorite pet was a rescued kitten who we named Dora. What a sweet thing she was! Dora was like my shadow and followed me everywhere. Sometimes she acted like a dog! Unfortunately, she developed cancer and couldn’t be saved. I cherish those special years with Dora. What a love she was. ❤️

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  6. Lily is our cat that we got when we were trying to have a baby but unfortunately had a few miscarriages. She brought a bit of extra life into our family until our son arrived a few years later.

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  7. My husband went to an adopt a pet event we new we wanted one puppy.He found &fell in love with one little pup&the people in charge told him he was found running on the street with another puppy&other are very attached.Surprise we now have two delicious puppies Abby&Henry 🐶🐶😍

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