THIS WAS NOT the PLAN by Cristina Alger & Giveaway


A lawyer’s drunken office-party speech is captured on camera and goes viral leaving him humiliated and unemployed.

In THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN (Touchstone) by Cristina Alger, Charlie Goldwyn has been litigating night and day for nearly a decade at one of New York’s top law firms, defending some of the guiltiest white-collar offenders. He’s making a boatload of money and hoping to make partner, but his home life has suffered. His wife, Mira, whom he rarely ever saw, died in a plane crash going to a wedding he didn’t attend, because he had to work. Now his twin sister, Zadie is helping him raise his five-year old son, Caleb who he rarely sees.

After working seventy-two hours straight on a big case and hoping to get home to recognize the anniversary of Mira’s death, he is forced to stay at the office for the summer associate’s welcome party. Charlie proceeds to have too many vodkas, and just as he’s about to leave, one of the partners calls him up to make a speech to the associates. Charlie is totally drunk and he gives an unfiltered, bitter speech about life at the firm and working for clients he knows are guilty, which goes viral and gets him fired. Immediately, he wants to get revenge on whoever uploaded the video.

Stuck at home with his son Caleb, Charlie thinks it will be a cakewalk, until he learns about Caleb’s obsessions with possible disasters, his need to wear girl’s clothing in pinks and purples and being a loner in preschool. Charlie quickly realizes being a full-time dad, may be tougher than litigating. He meets some fellow stay-at-home-dads and begins to take a closer look at the life he’s been leading. Revenge begins to look a little less important, as well as being a tough powerful lawyer.

Maybe it’s time to do things a little differently….Maybe I need to loosen up.

Zadie gets engaged and this initiates her and Charlie to get in touch with their estranged lawyer father in the city, who has never acknowledged them. It’s interesting to note that when people slow down, they can “look around and smell the roses.” It may be a simple concept, but unfortunately, few of us embrace this reality before it’s too late. Charlie is blessed to be given a second chance, and readers are able to take away what they want from his experience, while enjoying a beautiful novel.

THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN is a sweet story about fatherhood and family. Alger does a lovely job creating a menagerie of characters that are unique and fully developed. This novel is yet another example of how “untraditional” – the traditional family has become. A family today is whomever comes together to love one another. In this case: father, son, sister/aunt/wife, brother-in-law/husband/uncle and numerous friends. The relationship between Charlie and Caleb is warm and delightful. I promise you will fall in love with Caleb.


Cristina Alger is a lifelong New Yorker. A graduate of Harvard College and NYU Law School, she worked as a financial analyst and a corporate attorney before becoming a writer. She lives in New York with her family, and is currently working on her third novel.

For all things Cristina, check out her out on twitter @CristinaAlger or her website

We have one copy of THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN to giveaway. Just tell us if you’ve ever had to change gears after your plans were completely turned upside down? We’ll announce a winner Monday, October 24th.


16 thoughts on “THIS WAS NOT the PLAN by Cristina Alger & Giveaway

  1. My life was flipped upside down when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Suddeniy everything I’d planned, my day to say life, was completely disrupted.

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  2. It seems like my life has been a long series of plans gone awry. Oh, that’s because it has. I try to smile through it all and sometimes I succeed.

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  3. My life was forever changed when my husband died from cancer. Everything about my life changed. For me it was and still is the worst adjustment I have ever had to make.

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  4. My youngest and his partner had a baby when they financially couldn’t afford to. They lived with us for about 2 years and then got their own apartment. I still help care for my grandson for 4-5 days per week. My plans to travel and enjoy the golden years have been put on hold. For now, my husband and I enjoy watching our grandson and maybe, changed a little in our “parenting” methods.

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  5. I’ve had Chronic Migraines for 12 years. I went back to school to get my teaching degree. I had a BA in business. I did all of the coursework but couldn’t make it through student teaching. It broke my heart.

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  6. My plans (or the direction I thought my life was going) were changed when I received a serious health diagnosis in August 2015. Starting to see a light at the end of this tunnel and trying my best to make new plans and find a new direction. 🙂

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  7. Sadly, it’s all related to health issues. I had a serious problem back in 2001, and it seems it may have come back last year, since then I’ve undergone several surgeries and now my condition’s been stable for a while. Keeping my fingers crossed

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  8. We had just had our 3rd child (a girl) and knew we were done having kids…until I ended up pregnant 6 weeks later… we had gotten rid of all the boy items a week before! He has been a great surprise and I am so glad we were blessed with a boy!! I did make sure the hubby got a viscetomy while I was still pregnant though lol!!

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  9. My life altered completely when I came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a teenager. My plans changed in that I could no longer make plans because of my unreliable health.

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  10. Suffering from many chronic illnesses, being a single parent is harder for me this second time around. I was terminated by my job due to my illnesses, realizing that the daily pain was to hard to cope with, while holding down one or two jobs, I had to “retire” from the working world. When I raised the older three,of my five children, I had more energy, the pain was tolerable or manageable, and life included more of the outdoor world. Now my younger children have a mother who is limited on what she can physically do, friends that don’t understand, and life is more on technology than friends in person. Adjusting was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do

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