THE ONLY DAUGHTER by Anna Snoesktra


Thrillers aren’t usually my first choice when it comes to picking up a novel, but I was pleased I had the opportunity to check out ONLY DAUGHTER (Mira). The genre was fresh and Australian, Anna Snoekstra is a new author for me, who definitely knows hows to write a fast-paced story.

2003: Sixteen-year-old Rebecca Winter is celebrating summer break, working at a fast food restaurant, shoplifting with BFF, Lizzie and crushing on boys. But suddenly, Bec feels like she’s being watched and followed. She has no idea what’s ahead. She disappears.

Eleven-years later, she’s replaced by an imposter.

A woman hoping not to get arrested takes on Rebecca’s identity. Her looks are close enough, and it’s been over a decade, so she pulls it off. Soon she’s sleeping in Rebecca’s bed, wearing her clothes, hugging her mom, dad and creepy twin brothers.

Not everyone is completely at ease having “Rebecca” home. Maybe they’re not who she thinks they are. She stone walls the detective investigating the case. Soon the imposter begins looking into the real Rebecca Winter’s life and realizes whoever took her is still around and on to her game. Imposter Rebecca is now the one who has to watch her back.

I found ONLY DAUGHTER well written, but there were times, when I got lost in the narrative and thought it could have been edited down. It was clever how Anna took a story-telling concept that has been used before and made it her own with ONLY DAUGHTER. Anyone who enjoys mystery thrillers wants to pick up Anna Snoekstra’s, ONLY DAUGHTER.


Thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy of ONLY DAUGHTER for an honest review.


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