ALL THE GOOD PARTS by Loretta Nyhan & Giveaway


In ALL THE GOOD PARTS, Loretta Nyhan’s new novel, thirty-nine year-old, Leona is single, broke, going to college on-line to become a nurse and living in her sister Carly’s basement. She’s perfectly content being wacky Auntie Lee to Carly’s four children, but really, it’s getting kind of old. Leona goes to the OB/Gyn for a routine check-up and Dr. Bridget informs Leona that if she wants to have a baby, she better start think about doing it soon, like right away. She tells her in no uncertain terms, that her biological clock is ticking, loudly and the longer she waits, the harder it’ll be to get pregnant – if that’s what she wants.

Leona who hasn’t really thought about whether or not she wants to have a baby for most of her adult life, suddenly realizes, she does want a baby. In fact, she always has, but the circumstances have never been exactly right. Now she has a huge decision to make: face motherhood on her own or risk missing out on its rewards, unless she can come up with some sperm. Of course, there’s adoption and infertility treatments, but hello, that costs a lot of money and she is living in her sister’s basement.


13 thoughts on “ALL THE GOOD PARTS by Loretta Nyhan & Giveaway

  1. Always wanted to write but a poem in an anthology is all that ever got published. Don’t know that I’ve given up, do know I have health concerns.

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  2. I wanted to be a stay at home mom like my mother. I was able to stay home with all 4 of my kids who are now teens. On to the next dream..writing a book!!

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  3. One of the dreams I pursued in my life is not so much a dream, as a goal. I’ve struggled with being overweight my whole life, and I’m healthier and thinner now than I’ve ever been. Being fit and active has kept diabetes at bay, and it also helped me to quickly recover from a mastectomy in February. My goal now is to stay fit and healthy, even as I just turned 60, so that I can live a full and active life.

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  4. Two of my dreams have come to fruition … meeting a man who accepts me for who I am. The other dream was losing over 150 lbs. and being able to maintain that loss for over 17 years. I’m also interested in writing a children’s book based on my cats whom I adore!

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  5. I fulfilled my dream of visiting many beaches in Florida and taking my kids to Disney World. We took a long road trip and made it all happen last Christmas. I have memories to hold dear for the rest of my years and so do the rest of my family members.

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  6. one dream of mine that came true was traveling to New York City; such an awesome city. when i got sick 10 years ago & almost died, the dream then was to make sure i lived until my kids were all 18; with alot of work, medicine, doctors, surgeries, i made it (youngest just turned 21).

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