THE GIRLS IN THE GARDEN by Lisa Jewell & Giveaway


“Stupid little girls get in over their heads. And look what happens. Just look what happens.”


Best-selling author, Lisa Jewell delivers a suspenseful, page turner, full of plot twists with dark shadows lurking in every corner in her new novel, THE GIRLS IN THE GARDEN (Atria).

 The three-acre communal garden is a piece of paradise for all the people who live on the inside of the park. It’s set in the middle of busy urban London, but completely removed. The community is full of friendly families and children who wander freely at night, in and out of neighbors homes, while the parents talk and drink wine at impromptu get-togethers.

But one night after a party, one of the resident 13-year old girls is attacked and found bloodied and unconscious in the rose garden. Generosity is quickly replaced with fear and suspicion falls among the community members. The fear is heightened on the memory a similar incident happened over ten years ago, leaving a young girl dead.

While investigating the attack, parents and police ask, what is an average thirteen year-old? They think they know what they are doing. Perhaps they’ve been give too much leeway to wander and make mistakes on their own, until something terrible happens.

Jewell manages a lot of characters, young and old, giving each a distinct voice. I got lost several times in a couple of the sub-plots, but the main narrative was strong and kept me hooked. There’s a unique elegance and deliberation in Lisa Jewell’s writing. It’s something that sets her novels apart from the pack. You are drawn in and enjoy the experience until the final page.

PEOLPLE, Glamour, Buzzfeed, USA TODAY, Woman’s Day and The New York Post all call THE GIRLS IN THE GARDEN a must-read. It’s the perfect summer read for those of us looking for a bit of darkness in our favorite pastime.

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Lisa Jewell was born and raised in north London, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. She is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA TODAY bestselling author of twelve novels, including The House We Grew Up In and The Third Wife.

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Thanks to TLC Book Tours  and Atria Books, we’re lucky to have one copy of THE GIRLS IN THE GARDEN to giveaway. Just click on the rafflecopter below and you’ll be entered.

Good luck and have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday!



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