THE HATING GAME by Sally Thorne & Giveaway


When it comes to romantic comedy, if the book is titled, THE HATING GAME (William Morrow), chances are the girl and guy are going to get together. But in the case of debut author Sally Thorne, you never expected it would be so much fun getting there. If you love chick-lit, Sally Thorne is an author you want to follow.

Lucy Hutton hates Joshua Templeman. He’s a self-absorbed, arrogant, know-it-all with a huge ego who doesn’t mind showing off his … pretty much everything. She’s got her own set of issues, and but she’s got to admit, he’s got a pretty cute bum.

They meet when their two publishing companies come together to merger into one. Lucy is assistant to the CEO of Gamin, home to literary purists. Josh, is a numbers cruncher to the CEO of Bexley. When the two companies start merging, Lucy and Josh both have their eyes on what they expect will be one assistant to one CEO. At this point, it becomes the Hunger Games, all knives out as Lucy and Josh start their high-stakes winner-takes-all games war-games.

Author Sally Thorne is able to do something with THE HATING GAME, which is rarely accomplished by an author. She takes a cliché story  line and makes it fun and fresh! It’s still summer and THE HATING GAME defines the perfect beach or pool read! I suggest coupling with Pina Coladas.

On a side note: THE HATING GAME made me think back to one of my favorite television shows of the 1980’s – “Moonlighting” with Cybill Sheperd and Bruce Willis. They had this constant love-hate tension going going on that make you tune in. Plus it was Bruce Willis breakout role and he was gorgeous!

UNITED STATES – DECEMBER 10: MOONLIGHTING – Gallery – Season Five – 12/10/1988, Cybill Shepherd (Maddie), Bruce Willis (David) , (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

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Photo credit Katie Saarikko
Photo credit Katie Saarikko

About Sally Thorne

Sally Thorne lives in Canberra, Australia and spends her days writing funding submissions and drafting contracts (yawn!) so it’s not surprising that after hours she climbs into colorful fictional worlds of her own creation. Sally believes that romance readers are always searching for intensity in their next favorite book—and it isn’t always so easy to find. THE HATING GAME is her first novel.

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Thanks to TLC book tours and William Morrow publishers, we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us about a bad relationship you’ve had to deal with in the workplace. We’ll announce a winner, Monday, September 5th. Good luck.

22 thoughts on “THE HATING GAME by Sally Thorne & Giveaway

  1. I have not had bad work relationship,but I love enemies to lovers books,and The Hating Game sounds great!
    Thank you for the great review 🙂

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  2. Luckily I never had to deal with a bad relationship in the workplace! Oh, and I LOVED the show Moonlighting! It was one of my favorites back in the day!!

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  3. This was a few years back at one of my cashier jobs. Another worker and I got along, which led to our exchanging phone numbers. The problem was that he eventually called too often to gossip about other workers and the constant pressure from him made me uncomfortable. I guess I could say I felt smothered. I felt bad about having to confront him, but it was something I couldn’t deal with anymore. He did quit, not long aftet that, because he found new work. And that was that.

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  4. I actually had a co-worker stalk me. Things happened that i don’t to get into, but in the end he was reprimanded. It was so stressful and made my work days very uncomfortable.

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  5. I have definitely had my share of challenging people to work with, but I have to work with so many people in my job that I have learned to keep my head down and not get too involved when there is drama. It has worked for me for the most part.

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  6. Just recently a co-worker with whom I have nothing in common and who is always enciting trouble publicly claimed that we were both in agreement on an issue for which our opinions couldn’t have differed more. She put me on the spot you further here own agenda. Truly all about office politics.

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  7. When I was younger and worked as waitress in a restaurant I dated one of the chefs. Of course if we had a personal argument outside of work it would spill into work. He would take extra time to prepare food for the tables that were in my section or screw up my orders. Not always a good idea dating someone you work with!

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  8. I worked as a manager in a retail department store. I started dating a guy who worked there. He worked part time in security. Well, he got his friend a job. I happened to catch the friend and another worker stealing money through fake returns. I really felt taken advantage of because I was friends with the guy too. I was so embarrassed. Luckily the other managers knew that I wasn’t involved.

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  9. I had a manager at one of my first jobs, when I was young and naive, who gave me all the horrible tasks he could find when I refused to go out with him. It was horrible. Luckily, I was transferred to another department. Whew.

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  10. I have an egotistical boss currently. We have our arguments every once in awhile but I stand up for myself and have cussed at him in the past. I mean, I have told him that he is being an a$$hole more than two handfuls in the 2 years I have worked for him directly LOL

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  11. I was a manager at a store and started dating the son of one of my assistant managers. One of the cashiers had a crush on him and started acting crazy. She sent herself flowers after he had a dozen roses delivered to me. Then she cried all during her shifts at work and took money from the register and tried to say I must have stolen it. Thanks to my good reputation she was fired. Today we are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary!! Thanks for bringing back those memories!

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  12. Super exited for this one! Heard really great reviews from friends!

    Catching the CEO always getting plastered and being inappropriate with subordinates at the holiday party always made things awkward the following morning. *shudders at the memories*

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