LEARNING TO FALL by Anne Clermont & Giveaway


The relationship between a human being and a horse rarely just happens, it takes time. The owner needs to spend time feeding, grooming, talking and riding her horse. Equine research shows talking to your horse often in a conversational tone is most important. Studies have been done, showing horses have remained calm in traumatic situations because their owner remained calm and spoke in a peaceful voice.

Anne Clermont introduces us to the very unique and beautiful world of horses in her debut novel, LEARNING TO FALL (SparkPress). She takes us into the highly specialized world of hunter-jumper horse training, a spectacular equestrian sport that relies on the strength and technique of the trainer and rider.

Brynn Seymour has grown up on Redwood Grove Stables, thirty-acres of picturesque hills and valleys forty-five minutes north of San Francisco. She has completed nearly four years of veterinary school, and wants to become a doctor, but her father’s dream is for her to take over the family business. She works at the barn and assists her father and his workers on the hunter-jumper circuit when not in school.

With only months left to graduation, tragedy strikes on the way to a show leaving her father dead and Brynn feeling responsible. Brynn and her mother meet with the family accountant and learn they are broke, that her father has taken out multiple mortgages and they’re close to losing Redwood Grove Stables.

After the initial shock, Brynn’s picks herself up and designs a plan she thinks could save the family business, but she’s going to have to let go of control and rely on others who know more than she does. Brynn’s going to have to trust people who want to help her and she’s going to have to completely change. Enter: Jason Lander, two-time, prestigious, Million Dollar Gold Cup winner, who if anyone can help her win the million-dollar cup, Jason can. That’s if her feelings don’t get in the way.

Anne Clermont writes in a lyrical style that has you feeling as if, while reading you’re riding across the hills and valleys. You can feel the wind going through your hair and know in your heart that Anne Clermont knows and loves the horses and the land she writes about. When a scene is happening in the stable, you are right there smelling the hay, manure and leather saddles. I look forward to a follow-up.


For all things ANNE, check her out on FB, twitter @anne_clermont or at her website  www.anneclermont.com     Plan on spending some time at her website. She offers a lot of useful information for writers.



We’re fortunate to have one copy of LEARNING TO FALL to giveaway. Just tell us about a special relationship you have or have had with an animal, be it a horse, dog or maybe a fish. We’ll pick a winner next week.

Thanks to SparkPress for providing a copy of LEARNING TO FALL for an honest review.



6 thoughts on “LEARNING TO FALL by Anne Clermont & Giveaway

  1. I love all animals, and Cindy, you know I love horses. I started riding lessons when I was 6, and when I was 12, our family got our own horse, a Tennessee Walker named Smokey Twilight. I was a little leary of riding Smokey… He was easily spooked and so was I when riding (a few falls too many!). But what I remember most about Smokey was the days I would just sit with him in his stable or out in the pasture and talk to him. Sometimes during those preteen/teen years when I felt like no one else was listening, Smokey always was. That’s a sweet memory for me.

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  2. I have a special relationship with my senior mini pinscher, Mandy. My brother-in-law adopted her from the Amanda Foundation, a few years ago. It started with my being her occasional sitter. Eventually, she started spending more time at my house where I’d often look after her. Now I’m, pretty much, her full time aunt and I love it. I treat her as if she were my child, which is a plus for her because she loves attention. She’s arthritic and can’t walk anymore, but I always give her the love and attention she deserves, especially because she’d spent years waiting for someone to adopt her. She’s family now.

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  3. My rescue dog, Bogie, who I found from Lap Dog Rescue, is a devoted, loyal and loving companion whose heart and soul is linked with mine. He is expressive, always happy, and sensitive to danger, unfriendly people and situations. He is fearless, an adventurer who loves to explore when we go for walks. His limitless energy and stamina is amazing since he is small but strong. He is the best dog and so knowing and caring.

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  4. Our first and only dog when I was growing up was a small, fluffy, collie type from a farm. Ginger was reddish/orange as were all the dogs from the farm. We spoiled Ginger and took such good care of her since she was part of the family. She lived until she was 18 years old and gave us such enjoyment, pleasure and fun. Whenever I walked Ginger at the park across the road from our house people would comment about her tail, her appearance and were interested to learn about her. Walks were her favorite outing. We never replaced Ginger since she was special.

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  5. I had foaled and raised Gracie for her owners, and kept close tabs on her training because I had always adored her. She was such a pretty, gregarious filly, and I took care of her through a number of issues that arose as she was growing up. Those issues eventually affected her potential as a racehorse, and when she was three, her owners decided to retire her. I adopted her for the grand sum of a dollar, and was thrilled she was mine.

    Three months later, she became very ill and required hospitalization in the isolation unit of the local vet college. I was so afraid I was going to lose her, and so grateful when she recovered, though they were never able to determine what had caused her illness.

    Thankfully she’s never been sick like that again, and while we’ve had our challenges dealing with the same physical problems that kept her from racing, she is sweet and honest and it doesn’t matter to me if we ever make it to a show. She has taught me so much, and I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

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  6. Several years ago, we had a calico show up at our house. My daughter was 2 and loved “Scooby Doo.” So we named her Daphne. She was the sweetest cat that I’ve ever had. My husband wasn’t a cat person. However Daphne won him over. I’d wake up in the morning and she would be asleep on my chest. She was just the best!

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