The thing I love about Beth Harbison’s novels is more often than not, before you even crack a page, you’re enticed by the delicious covers. Remember the cupcakes on the covers of IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME and WHEN IN DOUBT ADD BUTTER? Check out this lovely martini, or is it a cosmo on the cover of ONE LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT YOU (ST.MARTIN’S)? I don’t know about you, but I think I’d like to drink, at least, one right now.

ONE LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT YOU brings three women together who would rather “be lonely alone, than lonely in love.”

Prinny owns Cosmos, a Washington DC  area shop that sells crystals, potions, candles and lots of hope. They also offer romance and heal a lot of broken hearts.

Chelsea wants to be an actress, but works as a living statue, while working part-time at Cosmos. It’s safe to say she doesn’t know what’s in her future, but she’s having some inner conflict about when to give up her dream of stardom.

Diana Tiesman is married to a compulsive cheater, who also happens to be Prinny’s half-brother. He’s been having affairs their entire marriage, but Diana has been addicted to the sex  and knows she now has to leave. She has no money, but she remembers Prinny and decides to ask her for help.

This may all sound a bit confusing, because to be honest, it was kind of confusing reading ONE LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT YOU. But the thing is, like with all Beth Harbison’s novels, I fell in love with the characters. They just jump off the page in all their quirkiness, originality and likability. The wacky story makes sense with the wacky characters, so once again, ONE LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT YOU is another Beth Harbison winner.

Take a copy to the pool or beach. There are a few drink recipes in ONE LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT YOU, but my favorite is “Let Him Eat Humble Pie.” There’s enough vodka in that drink to make you forget any problems you may be having with any man!

For all things BETH check her out on Facebook, her website and on twitter @BethHarbison

ONE LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT YOU will be published Tuesday, July 26th. Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for providing an advance copy of ONE LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT YOU for an honest review.


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