ALL the TIME in the WORLD by Caroline Angell & Giveaway


In ALL the TIME in the World (HenryHolt&Co.) by Caroline Angell, Charlotte is a classically trained composer who has chosen to take a babysitting job for a wealthy Manhattan family in order to “clear her head,” after being betrayed by a colleague. At first, its supposed to be temporary, but Charlotte realizes she’s good at her job and she enjoys the McLean family. Two years after working for them, tragedy strikes and the wife/mother, Gretchen is killed by a taxi cab, leaving the father, Scotty alone with two little boys, five-year old Matt, and 2-year old George.

“I didn’t try to be her, but somehow I lost me. And Scotty let me do it because he’s in pain, and I was there. I didn’t really have a choice, when it started.” Charlotte,  ALL THE TIME in the WORLD

Charlotte’s personal life is left behind as she steps in to care for Matt and George full-time. After a brief conversation with Scotty, she moves in and is soon handling the kids’ behavior problems at school, sessions with the psychologist and planning birthday parties.

Charlotte tries to keep one foot in her personal world, by keeping her own apartment, although she’s rarely there, but friends and family witness her losing her sense-of-self to a family that is truly not hers. Charlotte believes she’s doing the right thing, but after Scotty leaves her  with the kids for an extended European business trip, she finally realizes, they may have crossed the line.

It’s hard to read and believe ALL the TIME in the  WORLD is Caroline’s debut novel. She is able to alternate between the past and present smoothly, and smoothly juggles the well-developed and identifiable character’s perspectives. I respect Charlotte’s loyalty and concern for the family, especially the young boys, believing I’d do the same thing. Scotty and the entire family were fortunate to have Charlotte step up and be the adult in the end.

For All things Caroline, check out her website  or twitter  @carejaneangell   I look forward to Caroline Angell’s next novel.

Thanks to Caroline’s publicists, Anna and Leyane, we’re lucky to have one copy of Caroline’s novel, ALL the TIME in the WORLD to giveaway. Just tell us if you’ve ever had to step in and be the strong one in a difficult situation and what your experience was. We’ll pick a winner Monday.

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14 thoughts on “ALL the TIME in the WORLD by Caroline Angell & Giveaway

  1. When my Dad was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago, I stepped in to help. As the oldest of 6 children and the only one retired from their job, I was the obvious choice to travel 600 miles and help my parents out during this difficult time. Even though it was very difficult, it was also wonderful to be able to spend my time with my dad during his last days.

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  2. When my brother passed away unexpectedly, I had to be there for my parents. I didn’t get to fully grieve him at the time because I had to be strong. Also, they are divorced, and I had to mediate between them to help in planning the funeral while they had very different wishes. Now that my brother is gone, I am still their mediator. I think he had done a lot of that before, and I just didn’t know it.

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  3. I’ve had to step up any number of times. It’s sort of what I did my whole life. Now that I am the one incapable of helping anyone else and periodically must ask for help, it is impossible not to feel guilty. I am grateful.

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  4. When both my marriages dissolved I became both parental roles. With my older three children, I taught my sons how to catch and throw a football and baseball, strong discipline, and encouraging them to reach for the stars. I enlisted the help of uncles when it was time to build PineWood Derby cars, reaching out to positive role models to help the children have a positive male role model. When my second husband was absent and then with his sudden death, raising my two younger children while battling numerous chronic illnesses has been challenging. With the help of their older siblings and reaching out to programs to assist in keeping the balance of positive male role models and balancing the balance has been challenging to say the least.

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  5. I help my adult children when necessary and advise if needed. During difficult times I had to rely upon my strength to survive health issues which were serious and depressing.

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  6. Being the oldest of 3 I have had to step between my siblings in their various arguments… I have had to be the peace keepers, the teller of truths, and the big sister

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  7. When my mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer, I had to fly across the country and pull my kids out of school so we could help with by mom’s care. We spent 2 months with her until she passed away. 😒

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  8. My mom was diagnosed with cancer last year. I stepped in and basically took care of everything…making appointments, filling out paperwork, going to the appointments with her, asking a million questions to the oncologist, taking her to surgery and follow up care. It was so hard to be strong, but we did and she’s doing OK.

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  9. My dad has a rare autoimmune disease called Stiffman’s Syndrome. I’ve had to step up and be the strong one to help take care of his medical needs on a daily basis and make sure that he gets the care that he needs. It really stressful at times, but you have to do what it takes to take care of your family member.

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