IN TWENTY YEARS by Allison Winn Scotch & GIVEAWAY



I was so thrilled to meet bestselling author, Allison Winn Scotch at BEA in Chicago this past May. It’s an exciting turning point for Allison. She’s changed publishers, after six New York Times bestselling novels, including THE THEORY of OPPOSITES and TIME of MY LIFE, which has been optioned to be made into a film, and her seventh novel has been published. The subject of IN TWENTY YEARS is something she’s wanted to write about for awhile, and says this was finally the right time to tell this story to her readers.

In, IN TWENTY YEARS (Lake Union Publishing), six Penn students shared a house twenty-years ago, believing they’d be best friends forever. Their ringleader, Bea passes away and they go their own separate ways loaded down with personal grudges, anger and indignities, ultimately becoming estranged. Nearly two-decades later, each receives a letter from Bea’s legal counsel calling them to the house they used to share.

Lindy is a music superstar, pushing middle-age with too many resentments to count and ready to lash out at anyone who looks at her funny. Catherine is a Martha Stewart wanna-be on the edge of a meltdown, married to her college sweetheart, Owen, who resents being a stay-at-home dad. Colin is a plastic surgeon to the stars who has his own baggage about his former relationship with Bea. Annie worked hard to pull herself up from lower class to an empty marriage on Park Avenue, where all she does is post how “happy” she is on social media, wishing it had been different with Colin.

It’s a universal truth we all share. We tend to romanticize the past and when we meet up with people from our past, we tend to puff up our present lives. I’m not making any judgments, just stop for a moment and think about it. After some time together, many of us wake up to the realities of  our lives and see how we didn’t achieve many of our dreams, but we can still be grateful for each other. Although Bea wasn’t physically at the reunion, her spirit was and she brought the group back together.

I expect readers will become invested in these emotionally compelling characters Allison has created in this multi-layered narrative, as I did. I found myself wanting to know what happened next, and at times, angry at what I felt was wasted energy on unimportant grudges. But that’s the way we humans are; we can get over a huge problem quickly, but we’ll let something relatively small fester until it creates an impenetrable wedge.

For all things ALLISON, check out her Facebook, website at  or on twitter @aswinn

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Thanks to TLC Book Tours and Lake Union Publishing, we have one copy of IN TWENTY YEARS to give away. Have you ever attended your high-school or college reunion? Maybe some other kind of reunion. Tell us what your experience was. We’ll pick a winner Monday.

25 thoughts on “IN TWENTY YEARS by Allison Winn Scotch & GIVEAWAY

  1. Ooooh that sounds good. I did not attend my high school reunion. At the time I still lived in my home town so I saw most people on a regular basis. I did go to a family reunion on my father’s side. It was about a year after he passed. It was honestly heartbreaking but my aunts and uncles tried to help me feel better. They each took pictures with me. Now, I’m so glad that I went. We are all friends on FB and I’ve been able to “watch” their families grow.

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  2. I have never been to a school reunion. I think it would be very interesting to have found out about their lives. The storyline of this book has me intrigued. It is on my wish list.

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  3. I planned and attended my first two reunions and LOVED how everyone who attended became friends. It wasn’t clicky or boring. Just a bunch of adults getting together and sharing their lives and remembering memories.

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  4. Yes have been to a few. My 30 was the best. Small group stayed with a classmate over weekend. Lots of eating, drinking, talking, laughing. So fun!

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  5. I attended the 10th reunion of the high school I graduated from. I can honestly say it was bittersweet. The people who treated me or ignored me in school were the ones wanting to know how I was, what was I doing, and how life was. The ones that I had ran around with and considered my friends, were distant and acted like talking to me was like a chore. The book sounds like how many of us felt at that reunion.

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  6. In Twenty Years is high up on my TBR, but I’ve never attended any of my high school reunions. Just never had an interest. I still speak to several friends from high school so no point in those reunions. ; )

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  7. I’ve been to my college reunions! I went to the 1st, 5th and 10th. My 30th will be in 2018. I hope to make it!! The book sounds great!

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  8. I’ve attended the first two high school reunions. After that, I lost interest. To be truthful, I was only there for two years having moved from another city; so, I didn’t really become close to anyone.

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  9. Yes, I’ve attended all but one high school reunion with my hubby as we were classmates and we had a blast at every one. When we all turned 50 in 2010, instead of a reunion, we called it our 50th birthday party, and the event took place on my actual 50th birthday! It was the best birthday party I ever had! We are a very tight class with great lifelong friendships. After the birthday party, we made a women’s and men’s quilt which are sent from classmate to classmate around the country. We have a phenomenal Class of 1978!

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  10. I’ve had two college reunions but didn’t attend either because both times, I had a friend getting married on campus a month after reunion and it’s too far of a trip to make twice in a summer. I’m sure the weddings were more fun 🙂

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  11. Nope, never attended any reunion because I live in Florida now but lived in Ohio when I was in school. But, I have met up with my bff from then a few times since. The first time was 28 years after I left Ohio, and it was like we’d never been apart..

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  12. No, I’ve never attended any reunions. I think the past is best left in the past and I’ve kept in touch with those who have really mattered to me.

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