It’s the 4th of July Holiday weekend and after celebrating America and our troops, what comes to mind? EATING and more eating, and drinking, too! We have a cookbook we think you might want to checkout this holiday, all summer really. It’s LuLu’s Kitchen: A Taste of The Gulf Coast Good Life (GrandCentral/Life&Style).

What makes LuLu such an expert? She’s been “wasting away for years in Margarita-ville,” cooking up all kinds of classic southern delicacies and her brother, superstar, Jimmy Buffet vouches for her in the foreword.                                             lulu                       ** All Photographs Courtesy: Sara Essex **


Lucy “LuLu”comes from a long line of cooks in the Buffett family, and they’ve all added a little bit of this ‘n that to the family recipes. Once you crack open her book, you’re going see it’s not like most. LuLu takes you by the hand into her kitchen. The book’s broken down into sections you’d expect: starters, salads and check this out! Nothing screams summer more than a cold beer and peel and eat shrimp with LuLu’s secret sauce.

Cocktail Hour runs for hours at Lulu’s, especially if you want to try all the drinks on her Specialty menu. They’re frosty and sweet in curvaceous glasses; some with pretty umbrellas speared through tart lime wedges, that glisten in the sunset with fresh fiery red cherries. Tequila, Vodka, Patron…lulusrumpunch (1)

Here’s the recipe for LuLu’s Rum Punch, which is pictured here: Fill a tall glass with crushed ice, add 1 ounce spiced rum, 1/2 ounce dark rum, 1/2 ounce coconut rum, 2 ounce sour mix, 1 ounce pineapple juice, 1 ounce cranberry juice, splash grenadine (optional) cherry & fruit garnish.*LuLu prefers Captain Morgan’s Rum


Classic southern coast cooking always includes gumbo and LuLu’s got that covered. Check out this Summer Seafood Gumbo. Hope you have a great place to buy fresh seafood where you live. This recipe is on page 88. YUMMY! Better like it hot! LuLu has two restaurants: one in Gulf Shores, Alabama and the other, Destin, Florida. You’re going to want to get some of her Perfect Pepper Hot Sauce to make these recipes sizzle. $5-bucks!  Tell them LuLu sent you.

And of course there are half-dozen recipes for “sweet things.” I gained 5-pounds just looking at Sara’s gorgeous photographs. My favs? Key Lime Pie with Grand Marnier whipped cream and Key Lime squares. Chocolate lovers will be happy, too. Heck, anybody who loves dessert will be thrilled.

Here’s something sweet: We have one copy of LuLu’s Kitchen to giveaway! Just tell us what you like to cook. We’ll pick a winner Thursday.

“If I had to whittle my whole ‘How to LuLu’ down to one simple message, it would be to cook with love. Cooking with careful preparation and gentle handling, fresh ingredients, and positive intentions adds up to a heartfelt experience. Bring love into the kitchen, and you will be serving it in the dining room.”Lucy “LuLu Buffett

Amen Sista!

Have a happy & safe 4th of July Holiday!


  1. There are many things I like to cook. One of my recent favorites is Eggplant Parmigiana. It’s baked in the oven, not fried, and oh so delicious. Another favorite for grilling is Tuscan Lemon Chicken. Butterflied, marinaded and grilled. That one’s a Barefoot Contessa recipe! Also love to grill burgers and shrimp! And gotta have a margarita or a glass of wine!! 🙂 My husband’s family is from New Orleans. Would love some cookbook with some delicious southern recipes!! Thanks for the chance!!

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  2. I like cooking salmon, grilling salmon with roasted veggies, tilapia with kale and roasting chicken with red potatoes and cauliflower. Homemade turkey balls with marinara sauce and broccoli.


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