ONE TRUE LOVES by Taylor Jenkins Reid & Giveaway


 It’s time to turn up the A/C, make a pitcher of iced-tea and get your hands on a copy of what Glamour magazine calls the “best book of the summer.” BookSparks’ Summer Reading Challenge 2016 continues with Taylor Jenkins Reid’s, ONE TRUE LOVES (WashingtonSquarePress).

Emma and Jesse are high-school sweethearts in Acton, Massachusetts. After graduation, they head west to UCLA to begin building their lives far away from their families. Soon Emma is writing for a travel blog, Jesse is a photographer and they are traveling all over the world experiencing everything they imagined!

On their first wedding anniversary, Jesse goes on a trip alone that ends in tragedy. His helicopter goes missing over the Pacific and after the search, he’s presumed dead. Emma’s world collapses.

She quits her job, moves back to Massachusetts hoping that by some miracle she’ll be able to create a new life. Now in her 30’s, she runs into an old friend, Sam and they connect. Soon they are engaged, and Emma believes she has a second chance at happiness.

         “I am finishing up dinner with my family and my fiance, when my husband calls.” MY TRUE LOVES

Three years after the accident, Jesse is found. He’s alive and says the memories of Emma kept him alive and he wants her back. Now Emma has a husband and a fiance, and some serious thinking to do, while trying to protect herself and those she loves.

I know that when I pick up a novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid its going to be an emotional roller-coaster ride, and ONE TRUE LOVES was no different. I was hopeful, nervous, happy, sad, confused and finally, very satisfied.

We have one copy of ONE TRUE LOVES to giveaway. Just tell us which Taylor Jenkins Reid novel is your favorite. We’ll pick a winner Monday.

For ALL things, Taylor Jenkins Reid, check out her Facebook, website or twitter  @tjenkinsreid

Keep checking back for more BookSparks’ Summer Reading Challenge 2016 novels! And don’t forget to wear your sun-block!

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14 thoughts on “ONE TRUE LOVES by Taylor Jenkins Reid & Giveaway

  1. I will be honest. I have never read one of her books. For at least the last twenty of my reading years, I read only thrillers and mysteries and such. It has been the last two years that I have been trying to break that cycle. I am so glad. I have read some truly great books and might I say this certainly looks like it falls into that category!

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  2. I own signed copies of all three of Taylor’s books from her book events here in SoCal. I need this one to add to my collection. Picking one is like saying pick your favorite kid. ; )

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