When I was younger, I was told by a wise woman, that men come and go throughout a woman’s life, but I should hold on to my girlfriends. Your really good girlfriends will always be there for you through the good and bad times, divorces, sickness, no matter what, so protect your friendships with the women you cherish. I never fully understood what she meant until I got older. Now unfortunately, my best girl-friends are scattered all across the country. A phone call isn’t the same as a hug or one-on-one chats over a glass of wine.

the SUN in YOUR EYES (WilliamMorrow) by Deborah Shapiro explores the friendship between Viv and Lee. It’s a nice respite from a summer filled with “bad girl novels” like GIRLS ON FIRE and THE GIRLS. the SUN in YOUR EYES actually explores the dynamics of women’s friendships starting in their 20’s, then a decade later; it had me reflecting back on some of my own relationships. The novel starts like a familiar story about two girls, Viv, the quiet one falling under the  spell of, Lee, the loud, rich outrageous one. But Shapiro doesn’t take the easy way. She writes with depth and the characters are complex. The narrative is full of surprises and messy.

I usually have more to write about the novels I read, but I must admit this book took me deep inside myself. I found myself revisiting friendships I’ve had in the past, how they were positive and where they failed. I started looking at my part in those relationships and the ones I have now. Perhaps I’m getting sentimental. Life has been pretty extreme for everyone lately. Give someone you care about, an unexpected hug today! …just an idea…

ANYWAY….. I enjoyed this novel. Deborah Shapiro is a highly talented writer. I suggest you read the SUN in YOUR EYES for yourself.

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About Deborah Shapiro

Deborah Shapiro was born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts. A graduate of Brown University, she spent several years in New York working at magazines, includingNew York and ELLE, and her work has been published in Open City, Washington Square Review, and the Los Angeles Review of Books, among other places. She lives with her husband and son in Chicago. The Sun in Your Eyes is her first novel.

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As always, thanks to TLC Book Tours  and William Morrow we have one copy of the SUN in YOUR EYES to giveaway to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment about friendship and we’ll pick a winner Monday. Have a beautiful day.



15 thoughts on “THE SUN IN YOUR EYES

  1. My bff&i bonded at our kids nursery school.Moms with young kids need all the support you can get.Our kids are grown now the kids are very close&we are still Bffs.

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  2. I enjoy books on friendships, especially ones that offer that opportunity for self reflection, even with a fiction book. It sounds like a good escape, especially with all that has been going on in the world as you mentioned above. I have found now that my 30s are wrapping up that I have a very short list of friends I truly trust with the hard stuff…but that’s ok with me because those friends are real and genuine.

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  3. I never had a posse of friends, but to this day all of them are friends I can reconnect with and it’s like we talked yesterday. I love that.

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  4. Friendships are so important. My friends help keep me sane! I have a group of friends that meet every Friday morning at a neighborhood caffe. We eat, talk, vent and laugh!! It’s something I look forward to at the end of the week!!

    This book sounds wonderful!!

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  5. Friendships which are meaningful are very important to our well being. Someone caring and kind. We may drift apart but if there is a shared foundation it is worth saving.

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  6. I deeply value all my friendships. They keep life interesting and ever changing. They boost me up when I am down, they make me laugh and I wouldn’t want to be without them ever. My longest lasting friendship is 4o years and still going strong.


  7. as i entered my 50th year, i came to realize that some of my “friends” were really just acquaintances. since then, i focused on the few “true” friends i have & am enjoying deepening these friendships. .


  8. I’ve found that as I’ve aged it’s okay to have a few best friends that are there for you no matter what! Rather than having a bunch of girlfriends that you feel like you really can’t rely on being their for you. I truly value those friends that are near and dear to my heart. Quality over quantity is more of utmost importance to me!!!


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