BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge – SAVING ABBY – GIVEAWAY


abbey20160512_143439TODAY is the 1st day of summer! BOOKSPARKS SUMMER READING CHALLENGE 2016 continues with Steena Holmes’ novel, SAVING ABBY.

 hadn’t read a Steena Holmes novel before meeting Steena at BEA in Chicago last month, and picking up an ARC of SAVING ABBY (LakeUnionPublishing). I found Steena to be an incredibly warm woman and once I started reading her book, it made sense that she should be the author writing this sensitive, heart-wrenching story.

Josh and Claire Turner have been married for six years. Josh writes children’s books focused on a little boy named “Jack” who travels the world, and Claire illustrates them. The two have been trying without success to get pregnant and have just taken an European trip to hopefully accept that fact. But once they get home, a miracle, Claire and Josh learn they are going to become parents. At the same time, Claire begins to experience increasingly debilitating headaches and fatigue, which at first everyone thinks is symptom of her pregnancy. Medical tests are performed and a diagnosis is revealed.

I’m not going to give anything away, but get some tissues and prepare to be drawn into Steena Holmes’ novel, SAVING ABBY. While reading I could physically feel a growing tension that something was wrong, and I found myself totally invested in these characters and the narrative. The book is written in short chapters, with the various characters alternating from their perspectives.

The takeaway for me after reading SAVING ABBY is just how fragile life is. I should be grateful and hold on to those I love and any feelings of happiness I’m blessed to experience. Life is a gift and it could be taken away in a split second. I think all of us need a wake-up call like SAVING ABBY once in a while. Thank you Steena Holmes, for writing such a beautiful, tender and important story.

For all things STEENA check out her website                                      Twitter  @steenaholmes     and on Facebook

We have two copies of SAVING ABBY to giveaway. Just tell us what you’re grateful for. We’ll pick a winner Friday. Good luck! FYI: This is a different giveaway from the one we did earlier this month.

Keep coming back for more BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge 2016. It’s totally going to be The Best Summer Ever!


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10 thoughts on “BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge – SAVING ABBY – GIVEAWAY

  1. I am grateful every morning that I wake up. It’s something I have learned for various reasons over the years. I love seeing the sun and the flowers and hearing the birds. God gave us beautiful scenery.

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  2. I am grateful for great health which is so important since this means enjoyment of little things, happiness and being able to accomplish small things everyday.

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  3. I am grateful for my family and friends; I am grateful for authors and the books they write; I am grateful that a mammogram found a tumor in its early stages, and that I can enjoy life.


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