FIRST COMES LOVE by Emily Giffin


may-Lovefirst comes love

Bestselling author, EMILY GIFFIN’S, newest book FIRST COMES LOVE is the first novel in BookSparks’ 6th Annual Summer Reading Challenge!

 “Nearly fifteen years later, he would remain gone, and they were still right there where they’d always been. Still reeling, regretting wondering what if?”

Meredith and Josie are two sisters still gripped by pain and survivors guilt, fifteen years after their brother Daniel is killed in a tragic car accident. FIRST COMES LOVE (Ballantine) by Emily Giffin tells their stories in alternating narratives, as they try to move forward and heal while unspoken secrets begin to surface.

The two sisters have always been polar opposites. It’s a loving relationship, but not without its problems. Meredith is the hard-working and reserved sister, who studied acting and became a lawyer. Josie the impulsive, outgoing one who went on to teach first-grade.

Fifteen years later, their parents divorced and the sisters are in their thirties. Meredith is the model daughter, married with a 4-year old and has what appears to be the perfect life, but inside she’s restless, wondering if she chose what was expected of her instead of the life she wanted. Josie is about to swear off dating, when she decides what she really wants is to become a mother. So she takes control and decides to become a single parent.

But there are unresolved issues surrounding Daniels death. The approaching anniversary  presents an appropriate time for the family to confront them. They have to learn to put aside differences and depend on one another, so they can move forward toward forgiveness and acceptance. As the title of the novel suggests, in the path to true happiness, love always comes first.

The characters in FIRST COMES LOVE are multi-dimensional, layered and complex. While reading, I got to know Meredith and Josie and I started caring about them. It almost felt as if we became “friends.” I also found myself worrying about the sisters and tearing up. It takes a special talent for an author to inspire such a reaction from a reader – only a select group of writers have it – Emily Giffin is one of them.

“But there is one constant, one thing you can always count on: that not only does love come first, but in the end, it is the only thing that remains.”

FIRST COMES LOVE will be published June 28th. You can pre-order it at your favorite bookstore or on-line at

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