NORTH of HERE by Laurel Saville & GIVEAWAY


Laurel Saville’s new novel, NORTH of HERE (Lake Union Publishing) should not be picked up by a reader looking for something to quickly breeze through. When I received my copy, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful cover; the sense of tranquility, hope and promise of life it presented. Once I started reading NORTH of HERE, I found myself encountering something much more complicated, a narrative not so easy to explain. Laurel Saville’s lyrical voice mesmerized me. Sentences flowed together as if part of a poem, celebrating the Adirondack Mountains, where the book is set. Soon I found the story developing into something I couldn’t have predicted.

At the heart of the drama are four unforgettable characters:

  • Miranda: A young “heiress” who discovers that the mountain property she has inherited is encumbered by her father’s debts and misdealing.
  • Dix: A self-assured “mountain man” who is really an educated, financially secure son of two accomplished professionals.
  • Darius: A preppy trust fund refugee who turns his own quest for meaning into a dangerous back-to-nature cult bent on healing lost souls
  • Sally: A brassy, street-smart social worker who, despite being perpetually unlucky in love, ultimately has the foresight to see the perils of loving Darius.

In an interview on her website, this is what Laurel says her novel, NORTH of HERE is about.”I suppose it’s about the allure and mystique, as well as the romance and reality, of a particular landscape; the emotional perils of trying to help someone bent on self-destruction; misunderstandings between class and culture; the different ways people try to find or make meaning in their life; the unforeseen impacts of a random meeting with a seductively charming person. And in the end, like so many things, it’s about the power and limitations of love.”

I certainly can’t explain it any better. NORTH of HERE is something you definitely want to put aside some time for.

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613V18U93nL._UX250_About Laurel Saville

Laurel Saville is the award-winning author of the memoir Unraveling Anne, the novel Henry and Rachel, and the four-part short story “How Much Living Can You Buy,” as well as numerous essays, short stories, and articles. She has an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature from the Writing Seminars at Bennington College.

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Thanks to TLC and Lake Union Publishing we have one copy of NORTH OF HERE to giveaway to one lucky reader. All you have to do is tell us if you’ve ever wished for a simpler life – and how? For instance, at one point, and it was a very short time, I wished I could live on an Island, away from everyone. I’m over that. We’ll pick a winner Friday! Enjoy the rest of the week and good luck!


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6 thoughts on “NORTH of HERE by Laurel Saville & GIVEAWAY

  1. I don’t know that it’s simpler, but I’ve always dreamed of being able to live on the coast where there is much space before the next house. I like quiet and not much traffic.

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  2. I have thought about the simpler lifestyle for a good while now. I grew up in a large urban setting, now live in a medium urban setting and would not mind living in a small town with a country setting and peace, quiet and tranquility.

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  3. There are certainly times when I’d love nothing more than to be on my own in a little cabin on a piece of land surrounded by my husband, our pets, and a herd of cattle.

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