CONGRATULATIONS to HAILEY F. who wins THE RAMBLER. Thanks for supporting our blog and keep coming back for more chances to win books. In fact, here’s one:
REMEMBER….. SPRING IS COMING UP AND WE’RE DOING A BIG GIVEAWAY ….. So, you need to tell us what YOU love about spring. Just leave your thoughts in the comment section below! We’re picking two winners for TWO big box giveaways MARCH 20th – THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!


Good luck and have a wonderful week!

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8 thoughts on “** WINNER ** WINNER ** WINNER **

  1. I love spring. Mainly it is because I am leaving the cold winter. Enjoy the grass greening up and fruit tree blossoms, dogwoods in bloom, tulips, iris and daffodils in bloom. But most of all, Easter and the promises of a new life!

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  2. I love Spring because the weather is warmer and the sun starts to shine bright. My favorite flower Tulips are bloom and all trees and plants are coming to life.


  3. What I love about the spring season are the colors and the slightly warmer temperatures–70s is ideal. I love seeing the beautiful flowers, the trees with the leaves fully formed, the sounds of the birds talking among themselves, seeing the children play in the park, going to the coast, getting outside more doing gardening, walking more, taking grandson to the park and other outdoor activities. Basically, it’s like an awakening–everything is beautiful when things are good.


  4. I love a lot of things about spring. I love how green everything suddenly looks. I love that I no longer need to lug a winter coat and gloves around with me. I love that there is no snow; and therefore, no chance of another day snowed in with the kids. I love that I can open the windows and let in the fresh air and I love the renewed energy that I often feel with the longer days. I am so ready for it to be spring.


  5. There are many things to love about Spring, the promise of renewal after the long dead Winter is just one. On a personal level, I love Spring because it means the beginning of baseball for my grandsons. They love the game and would play from dawn to dark of night if they could. I love that things get lighter, days get longer and once allergy season is over we can all go outside. I am so ready for Spring!


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