PRETTY GIRLS by Karin Slaughter & GIVEAWAY

pretty girls

Don’t turn off the lights and hold on to your seat. There’s a reason why Karin Slaughter’s novel, PRETTY GIRLS (William Morrow) is being called one of the best thrillers recently published. Expect to have the be-jeebees scared out of you! Here’s what the New York Times thinks about PRETTY GIRLS.

“A hell-raising thriller…a genuinely exciting narrative driven by strong-willed female characters who can’t wait around until the boys shake the lead out of their shoes.” New York Times Book Review

I concur. Thrillers were never my thing until I read Karin Slaughter, and now, I’m kinda into it. Of course, I’m keeping  the lights on, while reading. 🙂

The Carroll family changed after 19-year-old Julia disappeared. After years of pestering the local cops and getting no results, her veterinarian father, Sam, committed suicide; her librarian mother, Helen, keeps Julia’s bedroom the same as she left, just in case. Julia’s sisters are equally damaged.

Lydia Delgado has sold herself for drugs too many times to count, though she’s been clean for years; Claire Scott has been paroled after breaking her tennis partner’s kneecap for mouthing-off after an outrageous remark. The night Claire’s ankle bracelet is removed, her husband, Paul, is murdered before her eyes and, without a moment’s letup, she stumbles upon a bunch of snuff porn in his office. Paul’s business partner demands information from Claire and threatens her if she doesn’t deliver.

The Dunwoody police prove as useless as ever. Suave FBI agent Fred Nolan, is more menacing than helpful. Lydia and Claire, who’ve grown so far apart that they’re virtual strangers, unwillingly have to turn to each other for help.

Once Slaughter’s plunged readers into this complicated maze of plotlines, she shreds our nerves along with those of the Lydia and Claire’s. She does this by not simply parading a bunch of gruesome revelations—though there’s no shortage of blood trails into dark corners—but by peeling back layer after layer from family members. The thoughts and memories that Claire and Lydia didn’t remember or had buried surface. The results are well … keep the lights on.

Thanks to BookSparks and William Morrow for providing a copy of PRETTY GIRLS for us to give away. All you have to do is leave the name of a novel that scared the daylights out of you. We’ll pick a winner Wednesday.

For all things Karin, check out She’s also on Facebook and Twitter.   #FRC2015


8 thoughts on “PRETTY GIRLS by Karin Slaughter & GIVEAWAY

  1. A book called The Axeman Cometh by John Farris. I read it a loooooong time ago and I actually could not sleep for a week. I really can’t remember why it was so scary, so I found it and have it sitting here to read again to see if it was just me. But this one, Pretty Girls, sounds wonderful and I thank you for the chance!

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