Fa la la la la Reading – Holiday at Magnolia Bay & The Perfect Gift


In best-selling author, Tracy Solheim’s e-book, HOLIDAY at MAGNOLIA BAY(Tule Publishing), Navy SEAL, Lt. Commander, Andrew Lanham hopes spending some time at his Godmother, Aunt Evie’s Magnolia Bay, South Carolina beachfront mansion will help him quiet his PTSD.  He can’t shake the flashbacks or forget his last mission in Afghanistan.

The last thing he expects to encounter on the quiet sands is the gorgeous blue-eyed Jenna Huntley, a very close friend of his 88-year old Godmother. Jenna is the outspoken biologist in charge of the Turtle Rescue Center & Hatchery and is putting all of her energy into hopefully saving the endangered loggerheads from extinction. Immediately there’s an attraction between the two, but the last thing either one needs is a relationship.

Well, we’ll see. With Aunt Evie determined to fix Drew, as he likes to be called, and Jenna up, and plans for the Christmas Flotilla and Fishing Tournament underway, I’d bet on love! I suggest you read HOLIDAY at MAGNOLIA BAY to find out what happens next. Tracy Solheim makes that an enjoyable Holiday pleasure.


‘Tis the season for second chances in Dani Lyn Alexander’s, e-book, THE PERFECT GIFT (Simon&Schuster). Single-dad Jason and single-mom Leah each find themselves alone shopping last minute for this year’s hottest Christmas toy for their daughters, Emily and Allison. Jason and Leah show up claiming dubs on the very last dollhouse in the store unwilling to give in to the other. So, they, decide to spend the evening searching for a second dollhouse. After several hours, a cup of hot chocolate and dinner by a warm fireplace, what they find isn’t on any store shelf.

“For the first time in a very long while, the thought of sharing his time with someone other than Emily tugged at his mind.” “She enjoyed the casual ease with which he demonstrated affections; small gestures – a hand on her back, a quick squeeze of her hand – showed a man who was confident with his tenderness.”

It might seem fast, but it is  Christmas! THE PERFECT GIFT is a perfect read for this magical time of the year. Pour yourself a cup of tea or cocoa and munch on some yummy biscotti. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to fall in love with a warm and fuzzy love story!

And after reading THE PERFECT GIFT, you may want to pop open a bottle of bubbly to welcome in 2016 and check out Dani-Lyn’s new novel, THE NEW YEAR’S WISH.

Thanks to NetGalley http://www.netgalley.com for kindle copies of HOLIDAY at MAGNOLIA BAY and THE PERFECT GIFT for honest reviews.

Happy and warm Holidays wishes to all my readers and a healthy 2016!

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