WHITE DRESSES: A MEMOIR by Mary Pflum Peterson & Giveaway


“I get to watch you being happy. At the end of the day, that’s all any mother wants – for her children to be happy. You’ll see.”

But you don’t. You do, endure a very slow beginning before the story starts. Actually, maybe that’s a bit harsh. So let’s say the reader experiences some sadness, a lot of sadness, before reading any storyline or explanation for the title, WHITE DRESSES: A Memoir of Love and Secrets, Mothers and Daughters (WILLAM MORROW) by Mary Pflum Peterson’s.

I’m writing this at the top of my review, so readers WILL keep read WHITE DRESSES and not blow it off, if they pick up WHITE DRESSES and find it lacking. Hang in there. The real story of how the white dresses connect the mothers and daughters of this family, while mental disease attacks the family at it’s core, is misplaced in the writing. This book needs a heavy edit. But it’s worth spending time with, I promise.

The author lovingly writes about her family and the suffering they went through and the secrets that poisoned their family. She brilliantly captures an Irish Catholic family, and the important distinction of Vatican I and II.

The story is told from third generation daughter, Mary, who is granddaughter of Aurelia, and daughter of Anne. Anne is known for three things her “round open face, deep brown eyes and boundless sense of curiosity.” Mary in may ways is her mother’s daughter, especially with her sense of curiosity, but you can forget about the ways she totally embarrasses her mother – like they would any daughter.

By the time you read  … “You’re my best friend, Mary,” she cried.” … If you’re not feeling something, perhaps have tears dripping down your face, well, then I guess WHITE DRESSES is not for you.

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Mary Pflum Peterson

Mary Pflum Peterson is a veteran multi-Emmy-Award winning producer at Good Morning America. Prior to joining GMA, Pflum Peterson was a producer and reporter for CNN. Today she lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side where she resides with her husband, Dean, and their four young children, ages 1 to 7.

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Thanks to TLC Book Tours  http://www.tlcbooktours.com for including us on their tour and for providing us with a copy of WHITE DRESSES for an honest review.

Guess what? We have a copy to give out to one lucky winner, so leave your comments here and we’ll pick a winner Wednesday. Just tell us about your favorite item of white clothing. It could be anything … wedding dress, worksuit, blouse, whatever.

Good luck!  Have a happy Labor Day Week-end!

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14 thoughts on “WHITE DRESSES: A MEMOIR by Mary Pflum Peterson & Giveaway

  1. I have an oversized white cotton t-shirt that is worn anytime I wear a sloppy sweatsuit or yoga pants. Sometimes, I wear it a a nightshirt. I’ve had it a couple years and it’s still good.

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  2. I have a beautiful white dress that I wore to a Girls Night Out event to raise money for domestic violence survivors. The dress is so unique and beautiful that I loving call it my “wedding” dress.

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  3. I recently bought a white dress to wear for a beach photo shoot that my friend did of me & my kids. It’s my favorite white clothing item at the moment

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