FRENCH COAST by Anita Hughes


“Love is messy and painful, but once you find it you have to hang on to it. Because really, what else is there?” French Coast

Anita Hughes has taken us to some of the most beautiful locations in the world in her novels, including Laguna Beach, San Francisco and Lake Como. In FRENCH COAST (St. Martins) we jet off with Anita to the South of France, during the Cannes Film Festival.

Serena Martin is a features editor for VOGUE in San Francisco and she has landed a huge “get” – an exclusive interview with Yvette Renault, the infamous former editor of FRENCH VOGUE. Serena leaves her fiancé, along with her parents home for France and everything seems great until she arrives at the world renown Carlton-InterContinental Hotel and they have no reservation for her and the city’s hotels are sold out. She meets up with an unusual young woman at the bar who offers a room in her suite. Serena gratefully accepts, but there’s a story behind her generosity. At the same time, Serena gets unexpected news from back home about her parents and fiancé, which completely throws her life off keel. Meanwhile, Serena moves ahead and interviews Yvette, hoping to write the biggest story of her life, which may lead to a promotion.

Anita Hughes is known for describing her character’s beautiful designer clothes, down to their perfume, shoes, handbags and the ribbons in their hair. There is no shortage in FRENCH COAST for fashion mavens. Don’t read this novel when hungry, because Anita’s characters eat only the finest five-course cuisine at the most celebrated restaurants and bistros – one feels as if they’re sitting at the table ready to be served.

But FRENCH COAST is about more than the frivolities of life, it’s about love and resilience, Serena faces difficult family secrets and has to decide whether or not acceptance will be her path. And ultimately like any good love story, FRENCH COAST comes down to a girl and a boy and a wonderful love story! It’s delicious!

You certainly didn’t think our travels with Anita were going to stop with FRENCH COAST, did you?

Coming out in just a few weeks, on August 4th Anita takes us to Italy for a Roman Holiday with her new novel, ROME IN LOVE! You have plenty of time to pre-order your copy of ROME IN LOVE on-line or at your favorite local bookstore.

For all things ANITA HUGHES check out or on twitter at  hughes-anita.


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