MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE by Taylor Jenkins Reid


Hannah is a twenty-nine year old, college-graduate who has worked a bunch of dead-end jobs, lived in six different cities and is basically just roaming around the country trying to find herself. After nearly a decade she ends up where she began, in Los Angeles where her best friend Gabby and her parents welcome her home. Hannah’s own parents left her behind in LA when she was a senior in high school to take Hannah’s sister to study ballet in London.

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel, MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE (Atria) offers readers the chance to follow Hannah as she answers the question, “What if…?” Once she arrives in LA, Gabby takes her to a bar where they catch up with old friends, including Ethan, an old boyfriend from Hannah’s past. As the night continues, it’s obvious, Hannah and Ethan are still very attracted to one another. So when it comes time to part ways, Hannah is faced with the decision – Does she go home with her friend, Gabby? Or does she leave with Ethan who offers to stay out longer and drop her off?

Each chapter alternates between Hannah’s life as if she went home with Gabby, or if she stayed with Ethan. Each includes most of the same people, and many of the same events, but there are also very difference experiences. MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE asks you, the reader questions such as do you believe in fate, is your life on cruise control or do you have choices?  Do events happen in your life the way they’re supposed to happen? At one point, Hannah says she hopes so, because making every decision would be too exhausting. But taking it a step further, regardless of our destiny, we have to answer for our actions, because our choices have consequences. MAYBE IN ANOTHER DAY also explores friendships, family and loyalty.

It’s summer – the beach. margaritas, cute guys!  This a fun book – not an ethics lesson!  You’ll love it, but it might make you think a bit, too! YAY!

Thank you BOOKSPARKS for including us as part of your SUMMER READING CHALLENGE 2015 #SRC2015! We’re thrilled to be a part of this summer reading program. For more information go to

For all things TAYLOR check out or her twitter @tjenkinsreid

Happy reading!

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