I got the opportunity to fly up to Chicago this past weekend for the 31st Annual Chicago Printer’s Row Lit Fest put on by the Chicago Tribune and had a blast!http://www.printersrowlitfest.org   Coming from Miami, it would be so easy to make comparisons, to the Miami Int’l Book Fair, which is the largest book fair in the country, which I was constantly reminded of, but that was not why I was here. I got to meet a lot of authors I know from the Internet, their blogs, from writing reviews about their novels and I considered it a celebration – even with the threat of Armageddon, in the form of a thunderstorm which never materialized.


I got to meet Emily Liebert, author of “Those Secrets We Keep” and two previous novels, who is an absolute hoot. She has two little sons and locks herself up to write while they’re in school. She’s sassy, self-deprecating – a real woman’s-woman! We love her! 🙂


I’ve been in awe of the wildly successful chicks of chicklitisnotdead forever, which have moved on to become http://www.lizandlisa.com named after Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke. Simon & Schuster has published their novel “Your Perfect Life,” and it’s getting more than perfect reviews – everyone from Jen Lancaster to Claire Cook are blurbbing “Your Perfect Life.”

It’s interesting to note that Liz and Lisa have been BFFs since college, and Liz lives in San Diego while Lisa in Chicago and they write over the Internet. Easy peasy!


So here’s the deal … I don’t know how you feel about writing coaches, but it’s been a long time since I’ve met someone with as much positive energy as Sara Connell. I personally believe that it’s smarter to be positive and leave yourself open to good energy than to close yourself off, but that’s just me. I really liked what she had to offer at her workshop. Maybe this whole positive thing is not your cup of tea and that’s cool, too. Sara’s based in Chicago and works with writers locally, all over the country and in London. Something to consider … maybe.     http://www.saraconnell.com


One of this summer’s must reads that you’ll find on just about every critic’s summer list is “Oh! You Pretty Things” by Shanna Mahin. Shanna is a tenth grade drop-out who is smarter than most Phds you’ll meet. She’s 3rd generation Hollywood and gives you the real inside scoop on what everyone wants to know about America’s west coast Playground. Yes, that is the Chateau Marmount on the cover. Remember, “Oh! You Pretty Things” is fiction! …sure, Shanna! 🙂



We got to meet and hear Christine Sneed talk about her novel, “Paris, He Said,” which we reviewed April 21st right here on this blog and was positively reviewed in the  NYTBR June 6th, 2015. I also purchased Christine’s novel “Little Known Facts,” which was named a 2013 Booklist Top 10 First Novel. She was charming and I can understand why she’s such a popular Professor at Northwestern University in Chicago.


“Red” Jacky Colliss Harvey was in conversation with Chicago author, Jac Jemc. Apparently they both unexpectantly ended up wearing lovely shades of mustard. … not going to say who looks better … 🙂

Harvey is the author of “RED: A History of the Redhead.” She read a passage from her book and I was quite intrigued. I won’t look at redheads the way same ever again. Jac Jemc is the author of “My Only Wife” and a collection of provocative short stories, “A Different Bed Every Time.” I’ve been aware of her writing for sometime now. I encourage you to check her out.

See you next year at the 32nd Annual Chicago Printer’s Row Lit Fest! Chicago, you are a fabulous city with wonderful people, yummy food and lots of authors and books to read!

I’m heading back to Miami where we’re in Hurricane season. It’s always about the weather, huh? 🙂



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