I TAKE YOU by Eliza Kennedy & Win A COPY

i take you

In Eliza Kennedy’s, I TAKE YOU, Lily Wilder is getting married. That is, if she makes it through the next six days. Lily and her wedding party have flown from NYC down to Key West and if by any miracle they don’t end up drinking themselves to death, there’s a chance the “I do’s” may be done.”

Marriage assumes the bride and groom are going to be monogamous – they’re not going to sleep around. Well, that’s a sticking point for Lily since she basically makes out or has sex with any guy she encounters in the months and weeks leading up to her wedding. I’ve read articles suggesting, I TAKE YOU is supposed to be part of an exploration over whether or not women can be monogamous. I don’t buy it. Lily runs from one bar to another with her BFF, Freddie drinking, making out with guys and debating whether or not she can or should marry what she believes to be the perfect guy – Will.

I found the dialogue amongst the cast of characters Eliza created to be a hoot – you’ll love Gran, Henry, Kat, Maddie, Ana, Jane, etc… But I couldn’t get over what I felt had been done before – the whole chick-lit thing, but this time trying to come off as some kind of gender politics debate. What I believe Lily stands for is an overindulged, mixed up woman, perhaps alcoholic, in her 20s with a great job as a lawyer, too much money, trying to figure out if she should marry Will or wait for the next guy, while she sleeps with every other available guy. I think a lot of women will relate to Lily. Take it to the beach and enjoy!

FYI: These girls love their “Pink Squirrels” and an assortment of other cocktails I had never heard of. It was great fun looking them up and tossing a few back.

Thanks to Shelf-Awareness http://www.shelf-awareness.com  Crown Books http://www.crownpublishing.com  and NetGalley  http://www.netgalley.com  for providing a copy of I TAKE YOU for an honest review.

I have one copy of I TAKE YOU to give away to one lucky winner. All YOU have to do is leave a comment up above in the comment area about marriage … I mean ANYTHING! For instance, I got married on Valentine’s Day and I’ve now been BACK with my ex-husband longer than we were married. Figure that out! Your turn! We’ll pick a winner Thursday.

Check out   www.lilywilder.com/wedding-party.com  for all things I TAKE YOU. Crown Publishers have set up the coolest website to promote the novel. They are going all out for this launch.

I TAKE YOU will be published May 5th.

You can always check out http://www.cindyroesel.com to read more of my reviews and news about my novel, “Viewer Discretion Advised.”

21 thoughts on “I TAKE YOU by Eliza Kennedy & Win A COPY

  1. I’ve never been married, and I’m in no hurry to get married either! I was engaged once, but the guy was a sh!t and left me because he decided he couldn’t “deal with my disability anymore” (that’s verbatim folks!). Um, sooooooooooooo not worth me or my time1

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