PIE GIRLS by Lauren Clark


Looking for something delicious to read this weekend? I’ve got just the book! It’s Lauren Clark’s yummy chick lit novel, PIE GIRLS! You’re going to want to dig right in. I’ve read two of her other novels, STAY TUNED and STARDUST SUMMER and I have to say, PIE GIRLS is my new favorite!

Searchy Roberts is the definitive materialistic name-dropping, label buying, Christian Louboutin stiletto wearing, Black Am Exp flashing, perfect mani/pedi social diva, that you love to hate, unless of course, you’re in her Atlanta circle of friends. Well, on the night of their 10th wedding anniversary, her equally perfect plastic husband, Alton doesn’t show up – with her Tiffany present – to celebrate.

He does show up that night missing on the TV news. Apparently, he hasn’t been on a business trip or working for over a week. After investigating, they find out he wants a new life that doesn’t include Searchy or his lucrative advertising business. The wind has just been sucked out from under Mrs. Alton Roberts wings.  A woman who has never worked a day in her “shop ’til she drops” life.

They say you can never go home, well in Searchy’s case, home is where you go to be loved up by those who know you best. Soon she’s on a plane back to Fairhope, Alabama and Mama, friends and the family shop, “Pie Girls” which daily serves up a blissful way to get rid of the blues. But not everything fancy-schmancy, Searchy finds in Alabama adds comfort to what’s going on in her crash and burn personal life.  She’s going to be adding some “humble” to that pie.

PIE GIRLS is all about redemption and taking back your life. I liked Searchy at the beginning because she was so easy to dislike, it was obvious she was going to change.  I loved her transformation. Lauren wrote it without falling into cliché, which a lesser polished writer may have. Oh yeah, there’s a great boy gets girl storyline, too!

To check out ALL things LAUREN CLARK, including her website, blog, facebook, twitter, where you can buy her books, etc, just go to  http://www.laurenclarkbooks.com

Have a wonderful weekend reading … PIE GIRLS, of course! Just to make it extra delightful, Lauren adds pie recipes at the end of the book!

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