The DRESS SHOP of DREAMS by Menna Van Praag


“That would look beautiful on you,” she’ll suggest gently. “Why don’t you try it on?”

Etta Sparks may send a young women into the dressing room with one of her lovely dresses, but what she’s providing is much more than a pretty frock. When a woman comes out and sees herself in the mirror, she rediscovers a lost piece of herself.

In THE DRESS SHOP OF DREAMS by Menna Van Praag, Etta raises her five-year old granddaughter, Cora after her parents are killed in a house fire under suspicious circumstances. While growing up, Cora’s determined to be a scientist like her parents were and says she’s going to “save the world.” She grows up, becomes a PhD, dedicating her life to science and sets out to discover the truth behind her parents deaths.

We have two different worlds merging within THE DRESS SHOP OF DREAMS. One is based in magical realism and dreams, the another with evidence based facts and what can be seen and verified. The question is, can the two coexist? Will the characters destined to be together, overcome the obstacles, real or imaginary, intent on keeping them apart?

THE DRESS SHOP OF DREAMS has many characters and complex plotlines. I needed to jot down notes, which was helpful for me. I found each character rich and  distinct, particularly Cora and Walt. Ultimately, the novel is a beautifully written fairy tale love story for adults.

FYI: I read on Goodreads that Menna’s inspiration for the location was a street she remembered growing up as a little girl in England – All Saints Passage. She found it “enchanting and magical.”  She loves wearing dresses and believes they can be “transformative.” She wears Karen Millen purchased at the Market Street shop in Cambridge. You too, can buy these delightful designs at better stores and boutiques. I’m heading out shopping once I post this.

Thank you to Netgalley and Ballantine Books for providing a kindle copy for an honest review. You can go to to read all about MENNA and feel free to check out for my reviews, as well as my novel.

THE DRESS SHOP OF DREAMS will be published December 30th. NOW is the perfect time to pre-order your copy on-line or at your local bookstore.

Best wishes for a blessed and healthy Holiday season to all my readers. xx

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